Bulgaria shares borders with Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, Greece, and Turkey. Two mountain ranges and two great valleys mark the topography of Bulgaria. Bulgaria has an emerging market economy in the upper middle income range, where the private sector accounts for more than 80 per cent of GDP. From a largely agricultural country with a predominantly rural population in 1948, by the 1980s Bulgaria had transformed into an industrial economy with scientific and technological research at the top of its budgetary expenditure priorities.

Studying in Bulgaria provides international students with an opportunity to truly embrace this portion of the world. With a strong educational system and a welcoming atmosphere to those who travel to the country for education, many students from around the world can be found here, learning from the rich culture and history. The country, officially known as the Republic of Bulgaria, is located in the south eastern portion of Europe. Greece and Turkey sit to the south with the Black Sea stretching out on the east. It also borders Romania, Serbia, and Macedonia. The country is the 14th largest in Europe and is home to more than 7.3 million people.

Education is one of the foundations of life here. The country is known for its very early civilizations as well as its work in religion, metalworking, and cultural components of human development. Yet, within the 28 provinces here, you will also find a very modern lifestyle and one filled with plenty of opportunities for people from around the world. The capital of Sofia is also the country's largest city and it offers virtually all modern amenities necessary for the traveling student.

Overall, living in Bulgaria is very affordable. In Sofia, most people live in lofts and homes, though students tend to live in dormitories here. Costs tend to be lower than most of the rest of Europe, though those living in more modern cities will pay more for doing so.

In terms of culture and the arts, Bulgaria has plenty of museums, art festivals, and musical performances. Individuals here tend to be religious and many are political. Nevertheless, the country as a whole is welcoming. English is even taught at many secondary schools now. Those students who wish to live in a vibrant community will find that living here can be ideal. The country has a vast natural beauty with plants and mountains on either side. Temperatures are moderate due to the Mediterranean Sea and climate. Yet, it can be very cold near the mountainous regions.