Executive Master in Human Resources Management Organization, Development & Strategies


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Program Description

Background & Situation

Over the past few years, human resources management has played a key role in companies as an important business strategy. In consequence, human resources managers have to make an ever-growing contribution to their top positions’ decisions.

According to the skills acquired through the master, candidates will be strategic partners for their companies, providing top management with innovative solutions to deal with important issues. Moreover, the use of digital systems in company’s management has become massive and important: this is why today’s managers need to know how to use all those new technologies that allow them to handle fundamental factors, such as human resources, purchases, and recruitment.


This Executive Master is aimed at providing a start path in the field of HR management and providing a way to improve their work experience in this field.

The Program of the course focuses on the analysis of those connections that exist between business needs, corporate organization, and HR management systems. The underlying goal of the learning process is to prepare young leaders with skills to provide Top Management to the company in order to have a significant contribution to the corporate decision-making process, facing business issues in an efficient way. The course aims to train the figure of the HR manager with the right tools to manage human resources and to find the best matching between market needs and personal development. This master offers the opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge of the most important factors that affect human resources behavior in order to provide future HR managers with the most appropriate tools to enable them to effectively deal with remuneration policies, incentive systems, personnel recruitment and technological innovation in the HRM.


  • Module 1: Company organization
  • Module 2: The company as a system
  • Module 3: Company economic and financial system
  • Module 4: Head counting and planning
  • Module 5: Company financial function
  • Module 6: Company trading system
  • Module 7: The Operation Function
  • Module 8: Human resources organization and development
  • Module 9: Labor relations
  • Module 10: Administrative management of employees
  • Module 11: Safety and Prevention in the workplace
  • Module 12: Company human factor
  • Module 13: Leadership
  • Module 14: Human resources development
  • Module 15: Internal and external communication
  • Module 16: Recruiting staff
  • Module 17: Corporate training
  • Module 18: Company performance evaluation system
  • Module 19: Job Orientation
  • Module 20: Innovation partner and transformation leader
  • Module 21: Change management
  • Module 22: HR business partnering

Duration and Attendance

188 hours of training/lessons + 6 months of internship

Next Edition

  • Bologna: May 2019
  • Rome: November 2019
  • Milan: June 2019
  • Ancona: April 2019
  • Naples: September 2019

Plus & Certification


  • Placement in partner companies.
  • Experienced trainers in today’s workplace.
  • Opportunity to develop skills in more than a professional area.
  • Case study.


At the end of the training, the participant will acquire:

  • Certificate of Attendance in the Master Course
  • Certificate of Acquired Skills
  • Certificate of Participation in English Course Abroad (if attended)
  • Certificate of Workplace Safety and Prevention (General Form)



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Since 1985, Sida Group plays a leading role in providing business strategy, corporate consultancy, managerial training, recruitment and selection. With 1,500 trainers, coaches and professionals, over ... Read More

Since 1985, Sida Group plays a leading role in providing business strategy, corporate consultancy, managerial training, recruitment and selection. With 1,500 trainers, coaches and professionals, over 28 training programs, 11 locations in Italy, and 1,900 candidates placed in partner companies for an internship in 2016, Sida Academy is in the top 10 consulting companies in Italy. Read less
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