Master Advanced Pharmaceutical Engineering – ADPHARMING


Program Description


The fast-growing Pharmerging markets will worth 50% of the global pharmaceutical market in 2020, with an annual growth of 15% a year. Most pharmaceutical industries will have to increase their production and supply chain, in accordance with the international regulations, and to develop new dosage forms, in line with the best world standards.


  • IMT Mines Albi is accredited by the French Ministry of Industry and the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research
  • IMT Mines-Albi International Campus is located in the heart of the Europe’s highly innovative pharmaceutical industry
  • IMT Mines-Albi International Campus is located in Albi, UNESCO World heritage 2010.
  • Strong network of the industries and academic institutions
  • ADPHARMING Master is a unique Master taught entirely in English
  • Free French language courses
  • 6-month master thesis in industry or in a research lab
  • Master boosted by the research department RAPSODEE (CNRS UMR 5302)
  • IMT Mines-Albi/RAPSODEE have more than 20 years of experience in Pharmaceutical engineering teaching and research
  • Strong network of the industries and academic institutions
  • An international team of international students
  • A quality-chartered “Welcome to International Students” package
  • Scholarships based on academic excellence are available for outstanding candidates


ADPHARMING course offers challenging opportunities for students interested in developing a career in the pharmaceutical industry. ADPHARMING aims at developing a new kind of leaders with a global high-level training for R & D, drug production, quality management, lean management, logistics, and supply chain, in the field of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, biotechnology, etc.


This is a full-time program of 2 years divided into four semesters: courses over 3 semesters followed by an internship of one semester in a company or in a research laboratory.

First semester: Introduction, scientific and technological bases. 30 ECTS Credits

  • Cultural and linguistic integration
  • Introduction to the pharmaceutical industry
  • Fundamental sciences for pharmacy
  • Transfer phenomena and thermodynamics
  • Bases of the pharmaceutical engineering
  • Initiation to the corporate world, visits
  • Generic tools for engineering
  • Project 1: Bibliography and presentation

Semester 2: Bases of pharmaceutical engineering, project and production management. 30 ECTS Credits

  • Pharmaceutical engineering today
  • Pharmaceutical engineering: process engineering, modeling.
  • Project management
  • Production management
  • Supply chain management
  • Lean management
  • Eco-design, circular economy, innovation
  • Control systems, sensors
  • French culture and language
  • Project 2: Research, modeling, industrial topics, innovation.

Semester 3: Advanced Pharmaceutical Engineering. 30 ECTS Credits

  • Specificities of international pharmaceutical companies
  • Regulatory agencies
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  • Mechanism of drugs action
  • QbD, PAT
  • Green processes for pharmacy
  • Pharmaceutical processes & development.
  • Pharmaceutical engineering: dosage forms, advanced and innovative galenics.
  • Quality management system, QRM
  • Pharmaceutical environment (clean rooms…)
  • French culture and language
  • Project 3: Research and/or industry oriented

Semester 4: MSc Thesis. 30 ECTS Credits

- 6-month MSc thesis in Industry or in a research lab (France or international).


Participants must hold a Bachelor of Science or Engineering degree with related major (Chemical Engineering, Chemical Sciences, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Pharmaceutical Sciences, etc.) or an equivalent degree. Participants holding a first industrial experience are also welcome. Online application:


Global learning outcomes:

  • Advanced knowledge of the specificities of the international pharmaceutical industry
  • Advanced knowledge and ability to use the specific international regulations of pharmaceutical industry
  • An in-depth knowledge of the drug life cycle.
  • Strong ability to use state of the engineering sciences, technology, and regulatory aspects to conceive and develop innovative drugs by advanced galenics
  • Strong ability to use the pharmaceutical engineering to design pharmaceutical processes in a sustainable way.
  • Strong ability to develop and produce generic drugs and biosimilars,
  • Good ability to manage and supervise the pharmaceutical quality
  • Good ability to use Quality by Design and PAT.
  • Understanding of the strategies and methodologies of management: management techniques, techniques of lean design and management, manufacturing and management, project management, planning techniques, financial analysis and cost management, resource management, risk analysis methods
  • Good ability to lead a complex project in compliance with quality procedures, to take into account the Good Manufacturing Practices and regulations; to develop a sense of responsibility and of decision-making; and an ability to act effectively.
  • Good ability to integrate into real working life, into an organization, to animate and evolve in it: project management, communication ...
  • Strong ability to work in an international context: fluency in English, cultural and international awareness, knowledge of French culture & language
  • The opportunity to enter a high-level career in the pharmaceutical industry or to continue the preparation of a doctoral thesis.


The master ADPHARMING was created to satisfy the growing needs of the dynamic mundial pharmaceutical industry sector. ADPHARMING course offers challenging opportunities for young students interested in the pharmaceutical industry. It has the ambition to train them and produce experts and skilled managers. Today, making the critical decision needs a global high-level training including science, technology, quality, management, regulatory knowledge, sustainability and know-how in the pharmaceutical field. ADPHARMING aims at developing this new kind of leaders, for Galenic R & D, drug production, lean management, logistics, and supply chain… Choosing ADPHARMING allows you to pilot and boost your career in the pharmaceutical industry with a high return on investment, in a variety of positions:

  • R&D manager in advanced galenics
  • Formulation project leader
  • Quality system manager
  • PAT project manager
  • Pilot Plant manager
  • Plant performance & process excellence manager
  • Auditor, Consultant or Expert in the field
  • Production Planner, Production Analyst
  • Deputy Head of Bioproduction
  • Lean project manager or leader
  • Supply chain manager
  • QA - Supplied Materials manager
  • Technology transfer manager/supervisor
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About the School

Founded in 1993, IMT Mines Albi is a state-funded higher education institution, placed under the authority of the Ministry of Economy and Industry.

Founded in 1993, IMT Mines Albi is a state-funded higher education institution, placed under the authority of the Ministry of Economy and Industry. Read less
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