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Top Masters Programs in Liege in Belgium 2019

The benefits of a Masters extend beyond improving your earning potential. They can provide you with personal and professional skills to accelerate your development. They are also an opportunity to differentiate yourself from your peers, many of whom will have similar A-level and undergraduate qualifications.

To become a master, students must complete a required number of courses at the graduate level. This degree typically takes about two years to complete as a full-time student. Choose among a wide range of topics, including engineering, art, and business.

The learning institutions in Liege are among the best in Belgium. With University of Liege leading the way, and other campuses and colleges flocking this area, Liege is a good place to study.

Masters Degrees in Liege in Belgium

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Walloon Region
Study type
EIT RawMaterials Academy - AMIR

As an EIT-Labelled program, the AMIR Master integrates high-level training on entrepreneurship and innovation into its curriculum, giving students the skills that they ne ... [+]

The Challenge

Materials are the building blocks of the modern global economy and are instrumental for the transition to a green, circular economy which emits less CO2. Twenty-seven of these materials have been defined by the EU as critical, meaning that they combine high importance to the EU economy with a high risk associated with their supply. Accessing the known primary raw material sources has become more challenging, while the amounts of industrial waste and end-of-life-products are rapidly increasing. These waste streams contain secondary raw materials, many of which are critical and can be recovered, diversifying supply and contributing to meeting increasing materials demands.

... [-]
Belgium Liège
September 2019
24 months
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Université de Lorraine

The EMerald Master programme was created to answer the urgent need expressed by the European Union to create a resource-efficient Europe. ... [+]


Innovative Education in Geometallurgy and Circular Economy (2-year master course = 120 ECTS)

The EMerald master is labelled by both Erasmus + and EIT

Participating Universities

University of Liège Belgium (main coordinator) University of Lorraine, ENSG Nancy France Luleå Institute of Technology Sweden TU Bergakademie Freiberg Germany


The consortium will deliver a triple diploma (one from each university where the student attended lectures) and a Diploma Supplement from the coordinating university:

Ingénieur Civil des Mines et Géologue delivered by University of Liège (ULiège) Master Sciences de la Terre et des Planètes Environnement delivered by University of Lorraine (UL) Master of Science – Major: Geosciences delivered by Luleå University of Technology (LTU) Master in Mechanical and Process Engineering delivered by Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg (TUBAF) – EIT Label Certificate ... [-]
Belgium Liège
September 2020
2 years
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HEC Management School - University of Liège

The Master’s degree in management, with a range of specializations, gives you sound training with a high level of specialization. The program consists of a strong core of ... [+]

The Master’s degree in management, with a range of specializations, gives you

sound training with a high level of specialization. The program consists of a strong core of conceptual (theoretical) knowledge ready to be transformed rapidly into practical (operational) skills in different management jobs.Each specialization combines a range of specialized courses, an internship (in a company, in a public organization, in a research center etc.) and a final thesis. This training combines the transversal university skills that are necessary for the proper development of a career in the world of finance, whether in companies or in professional organizations (adaptability, flexibility, intellectual curiosity, openness to the world, creativity, an entrepreneurial spirit, rooted in the real world, continuous learning) with detailed study of the basic disciplines of management at a level permitting the graduate to begin a general professional career, or one that is linked more specifically to one of these disciplines. a thorough mastery of a skill or a well-defined area of specialization, providing the graduate with a highly specialized profile for the purposes of looking for a job or pursuing further research. proficiency in two foreign languages: English (to a level corresponding to the international standard C1) and another language (to a minimum level of B2). understanding the way companies function and the contemporary economic issues at stake. the capacity to implement the knowledge gained in the context of a complex field situation, to analyze rigorously the situation observed and to provide appropriate solutions. Specializations in the Master’s degree program... [-]
Belgium Liège
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1 year
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