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Program Description

Master’s Degree program " Multimedia Design " in SMSUH is aimed at the creation and development for the design industry and design education qualified personnel potential of new formation for preparation of professionals ready to project activities in the field of design. The uniqueness of the educational program:

  • Preparation of a creative specialist in the field of cloud technologies capable of identifying the cultural meanings and create 3D-images in multimedia products, professional data visualizer, an active participant of teams in the field of creative industries, a developer of E-learning and E-business products.
  • Design, visualization and promotion of multimedia startup project in the Internet environment by types of multimedia products: electronic games, electronic media, electronic educational resources.

Practices, training, participation in projects:

  • Game Studios LLC "IGROVED", "SKAZKA"
  • SMSUH Center for multimedia journalism
  • Mediaground of TV-Channel "RUSSIA TODAY"
  • SMSUH Department of Marketing, advertising and public relations
  • School of publishing media business
  • Creative Lab DDC ( St. Petersburg)
  • Advertising and marketing agency "Spotlights"
  • Design-studio "Das Design"
  • Collaborative multimedia projects of SMSUH and SIC Master’s Degree students
  • Visiting summer practice of Master’s Degree Students "International Photo Marathon " (Tallin )
  • Summer School on computer design within the project TEMPUS (Saratov)

Workshops, meetings:

  • Yu.V. Nazarov, head of Russian Designers Union
  • workshop from leading experts in design studio “Das Design”
  • workshop from leading manufacturers of photo and video equipment NIKON, CANON
  • meetings with managers and creative directors of companies in the sphere of the media business
  • participation in educational and commercial promotions of leading manufacturers in the IT- industry: Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk.

Graduate: Master's degree in design ( Master's degree program "Multimedia Design" ) Certificates:

  • Certiport + Microsoft

Competence of graduates:

  • possession of contemporary humanitarian technologies in the creation of cultural meanings in the design of multimedia ( video games, electronic media, e-learning resources )
  • possession of concept art in the design of multimedia, including computer games, electronic media, e-learning resources
  • the ability to create narratives and directing in multimedia products
  • knowledge of modern information technologies in the design, including computer graphics editors
  • knowledge of the principles of cognitive psychology, experimental methods and psychodiagnosis of neurodesign in projection and promotion of multimedia products
  • willingness to use the artificially intelligent system in the multimedia design
  • basic language proficiency in the design of multimedia
  • readiness for project management (startup) the creation and promotion of multimedia products: computer games, electronic media, e-learning resources in the creative industries

Career prospects:

  • computer games designer
  • animation designer
  • a designer of virtual art objects
  • designer non-autonomous (flash- sites ) / autonomous ( on CD, DVD disks or other media ) presentations
  • professional data visualizer ( infographics )
  • a designer of mass media objects ( television commercials and media)
  • corporate and illustrative electronic media and websites designer
  • a designer of educational products E-learning


  • Moscow State Academy of S.G.Stroganov;
  • The Russian State University for the Humanities;
  • Saint- Petersburg State Polytechnical University;
  • Saratov State Technical University;
  • Ural State Architectural Art Academy;
  • Siberian Federal University;
  • Russian Union of Designers;
  • Design-studio "Das Design";
  • Moscow Design Museum;
  • Publisher "Sinaksis";
  • The Council of Experts Education Creative Fest;
  • School of publishing media business;
  • Creative Lab DDC ( St. Petersburg);
  • Advertising and marketing agency "Spotlights";
  • Universidade Aberta (Pt);
  • Teesside University (UK);
  • Aalto University (FI);
  • Universidad de Monterrey (MX);
  • SMSUH Institute of humanitarian technologies in the sphere of social computing
  • SMSUH Institute of Neurosciences and Cognitive Studies

Contact information:

  • Fazylzyanova Guzaliya Ilgizovna
  • +7 ( 985) 424 33 71
Last updated Jan 2018

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