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We understand by Human Development the process of updating the potential of the human being, which includes the progressive individuation that occurs from childhood to adulthood, and the expansion of consciousness leading to reintegration with the Self.

The process of updating human potentialities is a natural tendency present in every individual, which guides them to reach their fullness. It unfolds and has an effect in all spheres of human development: physical, mental, and spiritual, as well as in its relationships with the natural and socio-cultural environment.

In the same way that all the processes of nature, the development of the human being progresses in an orderly manner from the simple to the complex, from basic structures to more elaborate ones, and from incipient levels of consciousness to spheres where the perception of reality is more vast and deep.

Facing the challenges of a world that is globalizing and in congruence with the principles that govern its ideology: Tolerance, Fraternity, and Peace, ALBERT EINSTEIN UNIVERSITY builds its educational model called "Education for Peace from the perspective of Human Development" thereby assuming the commitment to train people with high professional qualification and moral solvency, capable of contributing to the consolidation of a planetary society where respect for diversity, fraternal coexistence, and peace reign.

Within this context, Educating for Peace is understood as doing it within a solid framework of values, endorsed by the world community as an indispensable proposal for international understanding. Thus, our educational model is, above all, a value education model focused on ethical values ​​that promote the integral development of the human being.


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