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"ARTIFEX" University of Bucharest

"ARTIFEX" University of Bucharest

"ARTIFEX" University of Bucharest


„ARTIFEX”, the University of Bucharest, is based on the tradition of cooperative education, started in 1919, and after reorganizations, resumed in 1992. It was accredited under Law 133/2005, and it ensures the same educational programs as the public system. Our graduates have the same qualification as the public education graduates, and they can find jobs in any sector. It has a rich material endowment, including educational spaces, lecture and seminar rooms, library, a sports hall and sports ground, student dormitory, cafeteria, spaces for cultural activities and a medical centre, in the university campus in no 47, Economou Cezărescu street, district 6, Bucharest. The material endowment of the University complies with the legal standards of high-quality education.

„ARTIFEX” University of Bucharest promotes pluralism of options, critical debate, scientific prestige of the national culture, and international cooperation. It provides education through bachelor and master degree programs in finance, Accounting, Management, Marketing, and Business Administration, to meet the need for staff to manage economic units in all sectors.


  • Bucharest

    Strada Economu Cezărescu,47, 060754, Bucharest