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BAU, Centro Universitario de Artes y Diseño de Barcelona

BAU, Centro Universitario de Artes y Diseño de Barcelona

BAU, Centro Universitario de Artes y Diseño de Barcelona


BAU is an Art and Design College located in Barcelona and affiliated with the Universitat de Vic – Universitat Central de Catalunya, which provides official studies in design within the European Higher Education Area.

BAU is an Art and Design University Centre located in Barcelona. It is affiliated to the University of Vic - the Central University of Catalonia, which offers an official Bachelor's Degree in Design and Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts within the European Higher Education System. BAU's mission is to be a driving force of knowledge and innovation at the service of society. It focuses on attention given to students and their global training so that they incorporate the values of respect, equity, social commitment, responsibility towards people, and professional rigor.

Teaching staff

Our teaching staff includes specialized professional experts and university graduates with both bachelors' and doctoral degrees. They are experienced in the fields of design, art, architecture, photography, advertising, sociology, philosophy, anthropology, history.

Our teachers are passionate about design. Their working philosophy is open and integrated. They monitor each student’s work and progress, respect their students' efforts and are more than willing to collaborate with them. Their aim is to assist the students in their professional and personal growth.

Our Model

BAU, College of Arts & Design of Barcelona, conducts its public service activity in the areas of teaching, research, and knowledge transfer within its fields of expertise.

The mission of BAU is to be a driver of knowledge and innovation in the service of society with a clear international vocation. It is focused on attending to students and their comprehensive education to instill the values of individual creativity, professional rigor, and social commitment. BAU is strongly committed and connected to the cultural, social, and economic progress of the country.

Educational model

BAU and its teaching staff aim to train contemporary, critical, creative, and open-minded designers who can understand social, cultural, and economic developments and are committed to sustainable development that responds to the evolving needs of society.

The BAU educational model delivers sound humanistic, cultural, artistic, technical, and methodological training distinguished by contemporary teaching which is closely linked to the real professional world from the perspective of the culture of the project.

BAU provides comprehensive training based on small class sizes, working in teams, and personalized teaching, while promoting research activities among both the teaching staff and the students.

The BAU faculty employs high-quality and innovative pedagogic practices based on the applicability of the teachings to the development of projects while teaching students to work rigorously and systematically to achieve the professionalization of their creative processes.


BAU is constantly expanding and improving its facilities to make them more modern, comfortable, and functional. The center has 3 buildings (Pujades, Llacuna and Granada) in Poblenou, the technological and innovative district of Barcelona (22@) with a total area of more than 10,000 m2, fully equipped for training and research in design and fine arts.


  • Barcelona

    c/ Pujades, 118, 08005, Barcelona

  • Barcelona

    Carrer de Pujades, 118, 08005, Barcelona