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Bauhaus University Centre

Bauhaus University Centre

Bauhaus University Centre


Bauhaus University is located in the colonial city of Puebla, in Mexico, with a privileged climate, the comforts of a modern city, and the tranquility and security of the province.

Inspired by the Bauhaus pedagogy, we uphold the values ​​of creative freedom, responsibility, and respect, in a constructivist, participatory, and inclusive teaching framework for the training of creative leaders.

We work with the premise that the university must not only transmit knowledge but must transform it in a critical and purposeful way according to our social reality to teach how to build our own knowledge.

Bauhaus is an institution interested and committed to society; Its main objective is to train and enhance the professional and human development of each individual, giving them the tools to compete competitively in their environment, in a critical, analytical and purposeful way.

To be an avant-garde institution, whose name is synonymous with leadership and creative transcendence in its areas of competence.


  • Puebla City

    Calle 11 Sur,1310, 72000, Puebla City


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