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北京工商大学Jiahua College is a full-time general undergraduate college approved by the Ministry of Education in 2004. It enrolls students within the national plan and issues nationally recognized diplomas and bachelor's degree certificates. The school has established the development strategy goal of internationalization and high-end application, actively integrates into the industry, and integrates into the world. With the capital's high-quality educational resources, it builds a platform for application-oriented and international talent training, is committed to excellent teaching and service, and strives to achieve domestic The goal of a first-class, internationally renowned elite business school.

The school is located in Tongzhou, an important core area for the coordinated development of the " Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Integration" strategy , the sub-center of Beijing city . The transportation is convenient, the natural environment is beautiful, and the cultural atmosphere is strong. There are 4 teaching units, namely the School of Finance and Finance, the School of Creative Arts, the School of International Education, and the Moral Education Center. There are 26 international business, financial engineering, auditing, digital media art, photography, radio and television directors, and visual communication design. Undergraduate majors, the disciplines cover six disciplines of economics, management, art, arts, science, and engineering, forming a professional structure system that focuses on business and combines business and art. The school has always adhered to the mechanism of combining introduction, training, and hiring, and has formed a team of international teachers with high academic qualifications, high professional titles, overseas study background, industry practical experience, and a combination of old, middle and young. The school has an on-campus experimental training base for comprehensive practical teaching activities, and there are currently 27 on-campus laboratories. In addition, the school has a modern e-book system, a fully covered digital campus network, and modern gymnasiums and sports fields.

The school insists on building an education and teaching system with first-class international business talent training standards, and has formed distinctive features. Since 2009, it has established a variety of cooperative education modes such as " 2+ 2", "3+ 1", " 3.5+1. 5", etc. with 57 universities around the world , and achieved joint credit recognition, undergraduate and master's segmented training, etc. School agreement. Cooperative colleges and universities provide scholarships and various preferential policies to help students save the cost of studying abroad and successfully achieve the goal of studying abroad. In addition, the school has established 7 overseas practice teaching bases in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Malaysia, France, and Austria.

Since 2015 students, through international cooperation projects, overseas classrooms, youth leader training camps, multinational company internships, cultural heritage and innovation and other international cooperation and exchange platforms, 100% of the students have realized overseas exchanges and learning practices. Starting from 2017 students, a modern tutor system has been fully implemented, and the trinity management model of academic tutors, language tutors and general education tutors has been implemented to replace the traditional student management model. In order to meet the individual needs of students for high-level study abroad, our school specially launched the international joint training " Elite Program" project in 2019 to help students apply for world- renowned schools with better global rankings.

The school attaches great importance to practical teaching and regards the cultivation of students' core professional abilities as the focus of talent training. Carry out practical teaching that is highly integrated with the industry (enterprise), and connect students' majors with future careers through course development, practical operations, order-based training, and undertaking of counterpart businesses. At present, it has established good cooperative relations with more than 100 enterprises and institutions such as Bank of Beijing, Bank of Hangzhou, Hualin Securities, and Silk Road Digital Vision. In recent years, our school’s employment rate has remained above 97%. Graduates have widely served in banks, accounting firms, cultural, sports, and entertainment industries in the financial industry, and in banks, accounting firms, tax accountants, and The employment situation of securities companies is obvious and the salary is generous.

The school builds a solid platform for students to achieve their future and builds a road to success with their strengths. Through strong school-running strength, good school-running reputation, and remarkable school-running achievements, it has been continuously praised by industry professionals. In 2010, the school passed the audit of the International Elite Business School ( AACSB) and became the first independent college member unit in China. In 2014, the school and 24 universities including Peking University were simultaneously recognized as " Beijing Higher Education Demonstration Campus Innovation Practice Base", becoming the only independent university in Beijing to receive this honor. In recent years, the school has also been approved successively as " Beijing Colleges and Universities Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center", " Beijing Colleges and Universities Municipal Off-campus Talent Training Base", and " China International Trade Association Service Outsourcing Offshore Business International Talent Training Base". In 2015, he obtained the qualification to accept foreign students, and the process of internationalization reached a new historical level. In 2018, it became a master's degree project construction unit in Beijing. In 2019, the school's finance major was rated as a first-class major in Beijing. In Wu Shulian's ranking of China's high-level independent colleges in 2019, he won the " first place in the employment quality of undergraduate graduates" and the first place in the admission rate of undergraduate graduates.

In 2017, the school hired famous design companies such as American PBK to design and transform the campus environment, teaching buildings and student living facilities in accordance with international standards. An exquisite and beautiful international business school welcomes you.


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