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Cencalli Institute of Family Therapy

Cencalli Institute of Family Therapy

Cencalli Institute of Family Therapy


The imperative need to have highly trained human resources for the study, care, and rehabilitation of Mexican families led to the creation of the "Cencalli" Family Therapy Institute. An institution that undertook the task of giving FAMILY THERAPY in Mexico an academic endorsement, which would support its graduates with official documents, which it achieved since 1987, being the first Institution in Mexico that had a postgraduate program with Recognition of Official Validity of Studies by the Secretary of Public Education.

From that moment, the Cencalli Institute has trained more than 40 generations of specialists and teachers in family therapy from various institutions such as the IMSS, the DIF, the IPN, INMUJERES, among others. His scientific studies have allowed him to publish specialized articles in Mexican and Foreign journals such as Family Systems Medicine and Family Process as well as books published by prestigious publishers such as Manual Moderno and Trillas, among others, which has resulted in his registration in CONACYT, as an educational institution and research.

The Cencalli Institute has also been concerned with the dissemination of knowledge of Family Therapy in Mexico, holding, every two years, a Colloquium, which brings together the most prestigious researchers in families and family therapy in our country,


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