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CISET - International Centre of Studies on Tourism Economy

CISET - International Centre of Studies on Tourism Economy

CISET - International Centre of Studies on Tourism Economy


CISET has a 30-year long experience in education and training for graduates, managers, and professionals in the travel and hospitality industry. One of its most renowned programs is the postgraduate master's degree developed with Ca' Foscari University - Venice School of Management, which is an Equis-certified business school. Within this program, “students’ consultancy” activity and other active and experiential learning approaches have been implemented since 2005.

Because of this expertise, CISET shared its own experience in designing experiential learning approaches, and in building and managing a higher education-industry network with different universities in Europe. CISET has a wide knowledge of the needs of the tourism industry in terms of employees' and managers’ skills, resulting from its strong and daily relationship with businesses. The Centre has been a scientific coordinator and designer for the development of several national training programs and created and coordinated different programs for education, life-long learning, and vocational training. CISET is a centre-recognised.


If you are planning to apply for admission to a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the 2024/25 academic year, you will need to fill out and submit your application during one of the available admission rounds.

The information that follows applies to you if you are:

  • an EU citizen; or
  • a citizen of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland, or Vatican City; or
  • a non-EU citizen already residing in Italy and in possession of a residence permit that is valid for university enrolment.

How Your Application is Evaluated

  • At the very least, the processing of your application will require a pre-evaluation of your documents in order to confirm your eligibility to apply for your chosen program (s) of study, which is carried out by our International Office’s Welcome Unit. Check the Preliminary evaluation for international students and Entry requirements for applicants holding an international qualification web page for more information.
  • For master’s degrees, a second phase involves the evaluation of your academic background and CV, which is carried out by a Teaching Committee composed of one or more professors.
  • Limited-access bachelor’s and master’s degree programs also involve taking an entry test.

Scholarships and Funding


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