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In the city of Quibdó (Chocó), in 1995, there was a group of teachers who wanted to qualify in the religious area. They had to teach religion classes and they did not feel sufficiently prepared. In those same days, some Claretians (priests and laity) were determined to start in the city of Quibdó something similar to a biblical movement that began to unleash a new Christian consciousness in the urban area, a more critical consciousness of their Christianity.

The teachers, faced with the need to give a qualified response, insisted on the Claretian Missionaries in Quibdó to organize some distance Bible study with them that would have university recognition. The required number of students, by the Claretian Missionaries, to initiate the necessary procedures for this formation experience was 15 people. The response of the teachers exceeded the requested figure, reaching an initial number of 50 and more interested students. The population's need for training, already at a quality university-level, required seeking the support of other educational experiences.

They turned to the Latin American Biblical University of San José, Costa Rica, an institution that gladly accepted the proposal. The difficulty of this support was the obvious procedures that entailed that all university papers had to go through the Embassies. Colombian universities with some academic programs similar to that proposed by the Claretian Missionaries were then resorted to.

This is how the universities of Antioquia, Bolivariana, Católica de Oriente, Mariana de Pasto, and Antonio Nariño were visited, with whom it was not possible to reach an agreement for various reasons: either they were not interested, or they were not clear about the project, or The Chocó did not attract them, or the low economic reward did not motivate them. In the process of seeking inter-institutional support, the Lasallian University Corporation was finally contacted, with whom, thanks to the mediation of Brother Humberto Murillo, an agreement was made, initially for four years, which was finalized ahead of schedule. After this experience, an agreement was signed with the Luis Amigó University Foundation, which remains in force to date.


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