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Dagon University, one of the largest universities in Myanmar has been established since 1993. We all, not only administrative staff but also teaching staff, have been striving our best for creating a place that can create a good academic atmosphere that is relied on and valued by society and that can shape to build a modern and developed democratic nation. Moreover, we are making earnest endeavors to be able to nurture outstanding students, which is our university’s motto. In so doing, our main purpose is to produce not only good academicians but also outstanding graduates who can be pillars of the development of the nation in the future.

Regarding the constitution of our university, there are twenty departments in our university: 12 Arts departments and 8 Science departments. Anthropology, Archaeology, Economics, English, Geography, History, International Relations, Law, Myanmar, Oriental Studies, Philosophy, and Psychology are Arts departments and Botany, Chemistry, Computer Studies, Geology, Industrial Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics, and Zoology Science departments. All the departments are endeavoring to provide students basic academic foundation as well as professional knowledge which they can apply not only in doing research but also in their real lives. Conducting research plays a vital role in promoting education standards as well as in fulfilling the needs of the local community. Therefore, Dagon University provides students fully equipped laboratories, multi-media classrooms, language labs, and a four-storeyed library, in which students can access a wide range of scholarly e-journal and e-book collections, reference books as well as the Internet 24/7.

In addition, Dagon University has signed more than 30 MoU/ MoA with international universities and institutions so that we can create a stronger university network with them and gain not only new insights about different subject matters but also knowledge and experience about diverse culture via student and faculty exchange programs between the signed institutions. What’s more, today’s youths are required to possess 21st-century skills: critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, communication skills, creative thinking skills,s and collaboration skills, in addition to academic skills. Therefore, Dagon University encourages students to participate not only in academic activities but also in other social activities such as service-learning activities, scout, red-cross, etc., so as to develop them as a whole person.

Last but not least, as an Alma-Mater, I would like to invite all alumni to give suggestions and actively participate in the activities done by Dagon University. I strongly believe that those activities can be fruitful for students to grow not only physically but also in mental maturity. Hopefully, we can create better opportunities and situations for students to enhance their academic skills as well as other essential skills by joining all our hands together in all matters.


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