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Easy Tango


Master of Argentine Tango, fundamental reference of current Tango.

His multifaceted approach approaches Tango as a dynamic cultural universe.

Tango coach, dancer, and choreographer, Diego was received at the Liceo Superior of the Academia Nacional del Tango de Argentina, the main Tango institution in the world.

Creator of the most innovative teaching method, “ Easy Tango ”. The goal is to learn to dance fast and entertainingly.

Diego has developed part of his profession at UNESCO, creating and directing the First Intercultural Tango Program sponsored by said United Nations Organization in education, science, and culture.

He worked in the microenterprise units and the “Young Pulse” Program of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), to promote Tango as a cultural industry.

Diego has had the privilege of having the best teachers, generous mentors of his prestigious professional career.

At the end of his degree at the Liceo Superior del Tango, the poet Horacio Ferrer, president of the National Academy of Tango, appointed him coordinator of the Youth Group of said institution.

Dr. Rene Favaloro, eminence recognized worldwide as the creator of the pass by, was awarded a scholarship to specialize in art therapy in university hospitals in the USA, later developing the Tango Health Program at the Favaloro Foundation.

The Nobel Prize in Literature Gabriel García Márquez distinguished him at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, promoting the sponsorship of his “Tango Bus” Program for culture and development.

He was awarded a fellowship from the Organization of American States. (OEA), to specialize in cultural management in the city of Washington DC USA.


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