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What is EC2U?

The European Campus of City-Universities (EC2U) is a multi-cultural and multi-lingual Alliance consisting of seven long-standing, education- and research-led, locally and globally engaged universities from four diverse regions of the European Union: the University of Coimbra, the University of Iași, the University of Jena, the University of Pavia, the University of Poitiers (Coordinator), the University of Salamanca and the University of Turku.

The Alliance’s ambition is to develop an innovative space allowing mobility to flow freely between the seven universities and associated cities.

EC2U in numbers

  • 160 000 Students
  • 20 000 Administrative staff, teachers & researchers
  • 30 Associates
  • 1 600 000 Citizens in direct reach


University of Coimbra (Portugal)

Focused on the future and recognized as a major promoter of change, the University of Coimbra has more than 7 centuries of experience in the creation and dissemination of knowledge, culture, science, and technology through study, teaching, cutting-edge research, and innovation in the most diverse areas of knowledge.

UC is the oldest university in Portugal and one of the oldest in the world, and its history goes back to the century that followed the establishment of Portugal itself, as it was founded in 1290. The University spread throughout the city of Coimbra while modifying its landscape and making of it a true City-University, where you find a cosmopolitan academy.

University of Iasi (Romania)

The Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, the first modern university founded in Romania (in 1860), is constantly ranked 1 – 3 among Romanian universities in terms of research, education, and institutional transparency. With about 23000 students and 2000 full-time staff in its 15 faculties, our university’s academic offer includes 80 degrees at the bachelor level (4 in English, 1 in French), 116 master level programs (14 in English, 1 in French), and 27 fields of study at the doctoral level (all offered in English as well).

University of Jena (Germany)

Founded in 1558, the Friedrich Schiller University Jena is one of the oldest universities in Germany. Once the center of German philosophical thought, it has become a broad-based, research-intensive institution with a global reach and a thriving international community of more than 18,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students from over 110 countries worldwide.

University of Pavia (Italy)

The University of Pavia (UNIPV) is one of the world’s oldest academic institutions: it was founded in 1361 and until the 20th century it was The only University in the Milan Area and the region of Lombardy.

Today it is a comprehensive university, which covers all subject areas – Science and Technology, Science Engineering, Life Sciences, Humanities, and Social Sciences – and is composed of 18 Departments offering study programs at all levels, from Bachelor’s degrees to Doctorate programs. The academic staff counts more than 900 professors and researchers. 21,000 students, from both Italy and overseas, study at the University of Pavia.

University of Poitiers (France)

Founded in 1431, the University of Poitiers is a multidisciplinary university that enrolls 29 000 students, 4200 of which are international students from 120 different countries, supervised by 2700 staff members (administrative, teaching staff, and researchers). Poitiers ranks 2nd in the overall ranking of major student cities in France in 2018-2019 and is above the national average with 16% of foreign students.

University of Salamanca (Spain)

The University of Salamanca was founded in 1218 and is one of the three oldest universities in Europe, boasting a wide range of Faculties and Research Institutes in Sciences and Arts. In 2011, it was awarded the Campus of International Excellence status. It is the university of reference in its region and beyond (Castile and León) and the “Alma Mater” of nearly all historical Latin American universities.

University of Turku (Finland)

The University of Turku (UTU) is an international research university and an active academic community of 25,000 students and staff members from over 100 different countries. The University’s main campus is located in the historical city center of Turku – close to the unique nature and archipelago of Southwest Finland. As one of the leading universities in Finland, the University of Turku offers study and research opportunities in seven faculties and seven special units.


  • Poitiers

    Université de Poitiers - 15, rue de l'Hôtel Dieu - TSA 71117 - 86073 POITIERS Cedex 9, 86000, Poitiers

  • Iași

    Bulevardul Carol I, Nr.11, 700506, Iași

    • Salamanca

      Patio de Escuelas Mayores, 1, , Salamanca

      • Coimbra

        Rua Larga 3000-370, , Coimbra

        • Jena

          Universitätshauptgebäude Fürstengraben 1, 07743, Jena

          • Pavia

   Strada Nuova, 65, 27100, Pavia

            • Turku

              Turun yliopisto, 20500, Turku