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Educons Univerzitet

Educons Univerzitet

Educons Univerzitet


Educons University cooperates with higher education institutions abroad that contribute to the development of science and academic education both regionally and internationally. Since its founding in 2008, Educons University is completely dedicated to the establishment, advancement, and improvement of international cooperation with its partner institutions. Bearing in mind its potential, Educons University plans in the next five years from 2016 to 2020 to continue the tradition of openness toward the world, to intensify its activities, and to realize the set objectives that would result in further development in an international arena, especially in terms of exchange of students, academic and administrative staff.

Educons University comprises 11 faculties, 8 of which are integrated, and 3 of which have the status of legal persons. The integrated section of the university has 3500 students, 134 employees, a center for scientific research, a student hall of residence with a capacity of 100, a modern biotechnological lab authorized for the analysis of food, agricultural produces, and animal food (GMO analysis), as well as for the chemical testing of soil, sediments, and mud.

The mission of Educons University is to provide a functional synthesis of traditional and innovative education, enabling its students to acquire applicable knowledge and degrees for a future marked by a global and multidisciplinary approach to social processes. We aim to foster in our student's creativity and independence, entrepreneurial abilities, innovative thinking, a new approach to problem-solving, and a research-oriented mindset.

The vision of our future is based on the fact that the societies in the region of southeastern and eastern Europe are amidst changes and in a process of reform and transition toward a democratic civil society grounded in the rule of law and market economy dominated by private property.


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