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EIIS - European Institute of Innovation for Sustainability Master in Circular Economy Management
EIIS - European Institute of Innovation for Sustainability

Master in Circular Economy Management

Rome, Italy

1 Years


Full time

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May 2023

EUR 9,000

Distance Learning, On-Campus


The European Institute of Innovation for Sustainability is a place where education, research and experimentation come together to achieve environmental, social and economic sustainability via innovative solutions.

At EIIS, there are no professors nor students, only people striving to make learning an engaging activity defined by continuous interaction

Here, we believe that there is no sustainability without innovation.

Why A Master in Circular Economy Management?

500 billion tonnes of resources have been consumed globally, over the past six years.

70% of virgin materials have been extracted, after we exceeded Earth's restorative capacity in 2016. Per year, only 8.6% of these resources makes it back into our economy.

The current linear economic model consumes 100 billion tonnes of materials per year and wastes over 90% of them.*

The shortage of raw materials and the consequent increase in their prices combined with the current climate and geopolitical crises have dramatically impacted the economy on a global scale.

In a scenario so complex, to move towards a sustainable future, we need innovative tools and better ways of producing and consuming. In other words, we need to start thinking circularly and implement a self regenerative, sustainability-conscious, economic model: the Circular Economy.

As a growing number of individuals, companies and institutions are joining this system, we are steadily moving from a linear to a circular economy.

Nonetheless, achieving a complete transition will require a continuous and communal effort.

On Site Experience

Thanks to the partnership with MSC, at the end of the Master’s Program, all participants will enjoy an exclusive experience on a cruise ship.

This cruise is the perfect opportunity to meet the other participants in person while enjoying various activities and workshops, culminating with the Master’s Program graduation ceremony.


The Master's program is only the beginning of your journey as a member of the EIIS Community.

We are an international community that believes in fostering innovation by connecting sustainable minds.

We gather participants and experts from the various editions of EIIS programs and encourage everyone to keep in touch and get involved in as series of activieties that go behond the courses proper.

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