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Our experience makes us great. Imagine what it can do for you.

Nearly 100 years of excellence means we know how to create lasting and meaningful business impact.

Goizueta Beyond: Envisioning the Future of Business

Business is a vehicle capable of delivering meaningful, lasting impact on society. Embracing this view unlocks our collective ability to innovate in the most important ways on the most pressing topics. For nearly 100 years, Goizueta Business School has been a training ground for principled leaders and a laboratory for powerful insights. Our history includes an ethos of ethical business, and empowers us all to strive for lifelong progress. By navigating the complex interdependency of business and society, we seek to convene the brightest minds to solve the biggest problems with integrity, ingenuity and grit. This is Goizueta Beyond.

A History of Shaping the Future.

Through drive, perseverance, and bold ideas, our namesake, Roberto Goizueta was able to climb the management ladder to the top position in The Coca-Cola Company and lead it to unprecedented prosperity. Under his leadership, the market value of Coca-Cola stock rose from $4 billion in 1981 to $145 billion in 1997.

Roberto C. Goizueta

Our namesake was one of the great business leaders of the 20th century. During his 16-year tenure at The Coca-Cola Company, Roberto Goizueta increased its value from $4 billion to $145 billion -- ensuring its place among "America's Most Admired Corporations," as listed by Fortune. While building the business, Goizueta also contributed substantially to the progress of Emory and the business school.

Throughout his life, Goizueta was driven by curiosity, intellectual courage, and integrity. We are honored to share his name and live out his values, which form the cornerstone of our educational approach and are fundamental to our mission to educate the best of tomorrow's leaders.

Goizueta's Impact on Goizueta Business School

Roberto C. Goizueta speaks about the importance of conducting business with integrity, honor, and pride. His son shares a favorite quote that highlights what makes a good leader.


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