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ICDA Escuela De Noegcios

ICDA Escuela De Noegcios

ICDA Escuela De Noegcios


In the mid-sixties, at the initiative of Father Jean Sonet SJ, a small group of graduates of the first class of the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Administration of the UCC, traveled to Belgium sponsored by the government of that country, with the objective of carrying out a training stay at the Catholic University of Leuven.

However, the true purpose of the trip went beyond the strictly formative. Convinced that the great problem for organizations —whether in the private, public, or civil society sectors— consisted in the ignorance or inappropriate use of management tools by their managers and that educational institutions superiors had to assume the responsibility of working to correct it, Father Sonet entrusted the scholarship holders with investigating and knowing in detail the characteristics and dynamics of the different specialized centers that dealt with the matter in Belgian universities, so that the possibility of replicate this model in Córdoba.

This initiative resulted in the founding in August 1967 of the Center for Improvement in Business Administration of the UCC (Cepade) —the historical origin of the current ICDA—, the first management training center in the interior of the country.

The good reception that Cepade had on the part of the Cordoba society, was a stimulus so that in 1972 and 1977, two parallel and complementary projects were launched: the Research Center for Public Administration (Cipeap) and the Research Center for the Cooperative Administration (Cipac).

A year after the creation of the latter, in 1978, the then Provincial of the Society of Jesus in Argentina, Father Jorge Mario Bergoglio SJ, signed the resolution that approved the integration of the three centers under the current name, Instituto de Ciencias de the Administration - ICDA.

True to this history, for half a century the ICDA has been a pioneer in the creation, transmission, and application of management tools that help people and organizations to generate wealth, employment, and well-being in a sustainable way.


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