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Polytechnic of Leiria Master in Sustainable Tourism Management
Polytechnic of Leiria

Master in Sustainable Tourism Management

Leiria, Portugal

24 Months


Full time

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EUR 3,000 / per year *

Blended, On-Campus

* 3.000€ /per year


Master in Sustainable Tourism Management

The Master Program in Sustainable Tourism Management aims the training of students able to perform tasks in various branches of tourism, whether in public or in private sector.

Thus, aims to: develop higher-level knowledge about the various disciplines that integrate the course, adapting the principles and concepts underlying the Management and Sustainability in Tourism; know deeply the human impacts on tourist systems and be able to establish effective solutions for this problem, apply the concepts and techniques developed with accuracy and ability to self-criticism; be able to, through the knowledge acquired, to diagnose problems and propose solutions to management and sustainability, have the skills to carry out plans for sustainable management of tourism resources; reaching research ability, critical analysis of information and scientific and technical dissemination; to motivate for the applications of knowledge, particularly through its sustained exploration and its integrated management, identifying potential employers, and promoting innovation; be introduces new ideas and new products and services related to the sustainable exploitation and management of tourism resources in national /international market, through self-employment; understand and apply the techniques of scientific research, develop personal and professional skills that enable them to lead or join work teams; to acquire the skills needed to integrate doctoral or similar programs in related areas.

Other information

The teaching/learning process is continuously monitored by the coordinator that meeting together, both formally and informally, with students and teachers of the course. The course committee, with the representation of students and faculty coordinator, assists in this task addressing all the issues that may affect the quality of the learning process. Students and teachers also have representatives in the pedagogical council, in the representative's council and in the scientific council of the school, which ensuring their ability to participate. Students and teachers are also consulted through surveys, contributing to the self-assessment reports. Reports are reported to the course committee, pedagogical council, and scientific-technical council. Finally, it should be mentioned the informal communication between coordinator, students, teachers and representatives in various organs such as a guarantee of active participation of teachers and students.



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