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Jönköping University Global Studies: Sustainable Societies and Social Change (2 Years)
Jönköping University

Global Studies: Sustainable Societies and Social Change (2 Years)

Jönköping, Sweden

2 Years


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Global Studies: Sustainable Societies and Social Change (2 Years)

Global environmental problems such as climate change, loss of biodiversity and increasing pollution adds to existing problems with social inequalities and injustices. It is high time to reverse the current trend. To create sustainable societies and social change, the programme therefore uses applied research and is based on close cooperation between the academic world and society. For the thesis work, you will work independently but together with a host-organisation (within the non-profit, public, or corporate sector) and with the support of a supervisor develop and formulate a thesis project. The project will focus on creating sustainable societies and contribute to long-term social change, as well as fulfil the academic standard for a master thesis on advanced level.

The program is interdisciplinary and focuses on cross-cultural, comparative research, and long-term social change. The program curriculum is based on social science perspectives on sustainable development and social change, and includes sociology, anthropology, political science, and human geography. It is designed to form leaders with a deep understanding of sustainable development ideas and strategies, and their application in different settings. You will acquire the necessary critical thinking skills to inform policy and create social change with a long-term impact. After graduation from the program, you will have enhanced knowledge of sustainable development and social change with the relevant theoretical and practical knowledge to take on high-level roles in government agencies, non-government organisations and private firms. The program also prepares you for the possibilities to apply for third cycle studies, i.e., doctoral programs.

The programme is offered as a 1-year (60 credits) and 2-year (120 credits) program. The latter is an extension of the former, which means that all students study together during the first year.

The master program in Global Studies: Sustainable Societies and Social Change (GlobalS) is carried out within the research framework of Social Sciences of Sustainability at the School of Education and Communication at Jönköping University, and in collaboration with the master programs in Sustainable Communication (SusCom) and Learning, Digitalization and Sustainability (LeadS).


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