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Università LUM - School of Management Master in Arts and Design Management (MADEM)
Università LUM - School of Management

Master in Arts and Design Management (MADEM)

1 Years


Full time

30 Nov 2024

Feb 2025

EUR 8,000 / per year *


* Early Bird promotion - 15% discount by the 31.07.2024


Culture and creativity will have an increasingly important role in the Italian economy and its labour market. That is why it is necessary to train professionals capable of managing and developing with a sustainable and innovative approach to enterprises working in the creative and cultural industry.

In this context, University Master in Arts & Design Management offers a path of advanced training aimed at training professionals able to manage cultural enterprises’ growth, able to practice principles and tools of design, and able to build innovative partnerships between the world of art and design and traditional industrial environments.

The University Master in Arts & Design Management (MADEM) is a national program of advanced training for graduates in humanities and economic management and for professionals working or willing to work for organizations of the artistic, creative and cultural fields (e.g. museums, theatres, festivals, foundations, profit and non-profit enterprises and organizations, public bodies).

The University Master’s aim is to develop technical and specialized knowledge and skills, leadership and soft skills for people willing to have roles of higher responsibility or to work as a consultant or entrepreneur in art, culture and creativity, being also interested in developing collaborations and interactions between these fields and traditional business in a logic of enhancing innovation and stimulating new entrepreneurship.

In this context, the aim of the Master is to analyze and develop – in a multidisciplinary, specialized and integrated dialogue – models, techniques, approaches and business-oriented managing tools, and also guidelines for adoption; all of this in order to support innovation in “arts organizations” and to create and develop collaborations of creativity, arts and culture with the business world, so to answer to the increasing needs for training and know-how that public administrations, enterprises, managers and professionals working or willing to work in these fields show nowadays.

Particular attention shall be given to the improvement in the use of tangible and intellectual capital, to the improvement in the process of learning and teaching specialized and general know-how, to the identification and management of elements useful for growth and innovation and personal and professional growth of human resources, to marketing and guidelines for the market, project and economic resources management; importance will be also given to the role and impact of digitalization, the opportunities for funding and fundraising in order to improve organization and the impacts of arts organization at a socio-cultural, occupational, territorial level.

To ensure high-quality training in the field of Design, LUM School of Management has strengthened its partnership with Superstudio Academy, the educational division of Superstudio Group, a successful organization that produces high-level events and launched the phenomenon of Design Districts in Milan. This collaboration aims to develop a theoretical and practical module coordinated by Gisella Borioli, Founder, CEO, and Creative and Communication Director of Superstudio Group and Superdesign Show. The module features contributions from Superstudio manager, the internal team, collaborators, and "visiting professors" with extensive expertise in events, fashion, design, art, and communication of International prestige.

Students focus on the realization of the "Superdesign Show" project, an annual museum-like design exhibition. This multitasking, multicultural, digital, open-minded format allows them to engage directly with the demands of the working world, acquiring cultural, technical and technological skills. The module includes "Experience Days”: during the Milan Design Week, students participate in key roles at the event having the opportunity to immerse themselves in the reality of the Superdesign Show through a voluntary work experience.

Students will follow educational paths to:

  • develop specialized-technical knowledge with an economic management approach in culture and arts;
  • create and manage partnerships and collaborations between art, culture, design and creativity, and traditional and new business;
  • develop and use methods and techniques in order to support innovation skills of enterprises and organizations;
  • develop guidelines supporting professionals and entrepreneurs (or wannabe entrepreneurs) in the definition and practice of managerial strategies and actions for their organization, with particular attention to innovation and service quality improvement;
  • identify where to take action in order to support and encourage innovation in actions and behaviours.

Starting Date – February 2025


  1. Introduction to Arts & Design Management
  2. Strategic management of institutions, profit, and non-profit organizations in the artistic-creative and cultural sectors
  3. Fundamentals of quantitative methodologies for institutions, profit, and non-profit organizations in the artistic-creative and cultural sectors (basic accounting, cost & performance management)
  4. Organization and management and development of human resources
  5. Market research, marketing, and CRM
  6. Arts & Digital Media
  7. Design Thinking
  8. Business Model Innovation, creative entrepreneurship, and business planning
  9. Funding and fundraising
  10. Project management
  11. Arts law
  12. Communication in the arts



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