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National University Of Tainan

National University Of Tainan

National University Of Tainan


To cultivate the talents with the NUTN unique spirit, life literacy, and professional employability.

Features and Future Development

To establish the NUTN as a brand for talent cultivation and to well play the role of the university in the modernized society.

To strengthen the cooperation with local government and industry, presenting a university manifesting its rich locality and international engagement.

To vitalize the learning environment through the hidden curricula on campus, such as the Big Master Forum, and Innovative and Think-Out-of-Box practices.

To promote personnel innovation and administrative efficiency to upgrade the teaching and service quality, maintaining academic freedom, justice, and learning rights of students.

To strengthen the link with alumni and society resources to achieve the educational goal of the university.

To become a refined exemplary university with local and regional profound characteristics, well-connected with the international community.


  • Taipei

    Taipei, Taiwan