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Nord University


Nord University was established in 2016 through the merger of the University of Nordland, Nesna University College, and Nord-Trøndelag University College. We have around 200 study programmes, spread across 8 new and modern campuses. The Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture is located in Bodø and Steinkjer, important regions for marine and agricultural development. With our own research station, two research vessels, and access to Norway's 1st Biorefinery, we are leading the way in developments relevant to both Norway and the world.

Nord University's relevance​

​Nord​​ University will meet global challenges with new knowledge, grounded in the nature and people of our region. The High North is Norway’s most important strategic region. Nord University will strengthen social and economic research related to the High North.

Nordland and Trøndelag counties are rich in natural resources and representant significant potential for sustainable value and job creation. Nord University will contribute to the development of research and education, particularly within the biosciences, business, social sciences, health sciences, educational science, and professional science.

Nord University is located in Sámeednam/Saepmie and is responsible for research and development within Lule and South Saami languages and culture. Nord will strengthen Saami educational programs, and increase the scope of multidisciplinary Saami research.

​​​Value statement

Nord University will be characterized by the quality of its research and education and by its connectedness: between students and staff, between educational programmes and working life, and between research and society. Our students and staff are our most important resources.

The educational and working environment at Nord University will be founded on participation, respect, and inclusion. Nord University will continue to develop the principles of academic freedom, equality and diversity, high ethical standards, and institutional autonomy, through good leadership, collegiality, and social responsibility at all levels of the organization.

Nord University’s core values are:

  • Respect

  • Transparency

  • Connectedness

  • ​Creativity

​Strategic core

Nord University’s academic profile will build on our strategic core areas within education and research that incorporate regional advantages and demands as well as national strategies, and reinforce the university’s doctoral programs.


  • Bodø

    Universitetsalléen, 11, 8026, Bodø