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Pan Africa Christian University

Pan Africa Christian University


PAC University

PAC University is the Leadership University of Choice, chartered by the Commission for University Education in Kenya. It is a cosmopolitan institution of higher learning with students, staff, and faculty drawn from nations across Africa and the world. Our diversity offers you a unique platform for an expanded worldview through healthy social interactions. PAC University offers a conducive teaching-learning environment that makes studying fun and interactive and creates a home away from home for our students. Our teaching staff comprises both local and international faculty, who are highly trained from renowned institutions worldwide. Through their hard work and personalized attention, they will mentor you into becoming the leader God designed you to be. PAC University is more than an academic institution. Every experience has been intentionally designed to offer a holistic approach to leadership development. The academic experience meets with the spiritual and extra-curricular experiences to make a perfect blend that constitutes PAC University’s enriching environment.

Our Vision:

To be a world-class Christian university, characterized by high quality, transformative and value-based education.

Our Mission:

To develop transformative godly Christian leaders through training, research, and innovation for service to God in the Church and community.

Our Core Values

1. The pursuit of truth and moral integrity 2. Stressing the importance of people 3. Mutual respect and collaboration for PAC’s diverse community 4. Priority and focus on biblical and spiritual formation 5. The relevance of training in content, structure and process 6. Excellence in work, spiritual walk, and service among students, faculty and staff 7. Instilling servant leadership values among students, faculty, and staff

Our Core Commitments

1. Quality emphasis on practical experience and leadership development 2. The community of faith from diverse cultures embracing PAC’s mission and statement of faith 3. Quality teaching and learning 4. Employing high-performance professional personnel 5. Information technology 6. Strategic planning and assessment 7. Outreach to the society through various communication vehicles in building strategic alliances and promoting the search for truth, love and justice 8. Research and scholarship in addressing critical social issues 9. Community service by being a leading Christian resource center to the society

Our Objectives:

1. To provide university-level instruction in higher education for Christian faith and practice; To prepare for the churches of Africa: mature, committed, and conscientious ministerial leaders to serve with competence in ministries of the Church; 2. To equip students for Christian service in positions of leadership and activity in various Christian ministries and secular vocations; 3. To develop and transmit knowledge and skills through research and training at the university level; 4. To further preserve, develop, produce, process, transmit and disseminate knowledge, and thereby stimulate the spiritual, religious and intellectual life and cultural development of Kenya and Africa at large; 5. To play an effective role in the development and expansion of the African Church and its leadership. Specifically, we desire to develop in each student: 1. A vibrant, growing relationship with God; 2. A sound evangelical theological foundation, based on an understanding of the historical background and context of the Bible, proper methodology of Biblical interpretation and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit; 3. An intelligent commitment to sacrificially serve God, the church, and the world according to the gifts God has given.


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