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Who We Are

Rome Business School is one of the leading Business Schools in Italy which offers Master's and MBA programs both on campus and online, as well as Executive Education training programs. We always maintain an international vision, and our mission is to train global leaders equipped to manage companies all over the world from an innovative and sustainable perspective.

Rome Business School is the most international Business School in Italy with:

  • More than 2.100 students per year coming from 161 countries
  • Approximately 269 university partnerships and agreements in 26 countries and 4 continents worldwide

Rome Business School is strongly connected with the world of work: +616 companies partner for networking, job opportunities, and Master lectures.

A Family Committed to Global Education

Rome Business School is a member of Planeta Formación y Universidades, an international network created in 2003 by De Agostini and Grupo Planeta that embodies the two companies’ strong commitment to university and management education. Its more than 100,000 students, from more than 114 nationalities, are guided toward acquiring a preparation of excellence through open, flexible, and functional models suitable for any professional level.

Master and MBA programs

Rome Business School provides educational paths that will amplify your talents and accelerate your career through Master's and MBA programs both on campus and online, as well as Executive Education training programs, based on a practice-based methodology, workshops, and meetings with international professors and professionals.

Based on diversity, innovation, and sustainability, but strongly linked to the labor market.


We are part of Planeta De Agostini Formación y Universidades, an international network that hosts more than 100,000 students a year and allows all programs to have the opportunity to complete their training with an international Bootcamp in Silicon Vally, Paris, or Barcelona, among other major destinations.

  • Global experience
  • International Bootcamp
  • International Faculty
  • Classmates from over 150 countries
  • Global network

Professional Impact

Use your passion as a starting point and get support from the Career Services team, committed to having an IMPACT on your career.

  • RBS Entrepreneurship
  • Career services
  • Company meetings
  • Individual coaching and outdoor training
  • Business simulation
  • Company shadowing
  • Job & Placement
  • Leadership Program

Higher purposes

The quality of our programs is underpinned by being strongly connected to the professional world, in an environment where participants share experiences and learn from their peers.

  • Creation of sustainable Business models
  • CRS Business approach
  • Socially Responsible Mindset

True link with companies

Your learning journey at RBS will always be guided and complemented by the insights of managers working in top national and international companies, who will share their experiences and insights with students.

  • Business practice LAB
  • Virtual coffees with CEO’s
  • Capstone project
  • Virtual and Look and Touch company visit


The quality of our Masters courses is recognized in the Eduniversal 2024 international rankings. Rome Business School has also obtained the EOCCS certification (EFMD Online Course Certification System), attesting to the quality of online courses, provided by EFMD, the most authoritative accreditation institute in Europe.

Why study at Rome Business School

Rome Business School offers a comprehensive training program designed to provide participants with a competitive advantage in the market. Through careful analysis of international experiences, the school has developed a modern curriculum covering advanced managerial trends and techniques.

  • Modern Training Offer: Courses focus on advanced managerial trends and techniques, including intercultural management and business-oriented social media usage.
  • Highly Qualified Teachers: Faculty members are selected for their professionalism and experience, ensuring the delivery of both conceptual frameworks and practical insights.
  • Career Services: Personalized services such as internship opportunities, CV reviews, and networking support help students access and thrive in the job market.
  • Alumni Network and Community: Participants gain access to the Rome Business School Alumni Network, fostering ongoing connections and professional development opportunities.
  • Loyalty Rewards: A loyalty card system offers points accumulation and discounts on training courses for participants.
  • Unique Learning Content: Courses feature cutting-edge teaching content regularly updated based on cultural trends, accompanied by comprehensive study materials.
  • Flexible Study Methods: Various study methods are available, including on-campus, remote, and in-house options to accommodate diverse learning needs.
  • Applied Teaching Method: Courses incorporate exercises and real-life case studies to enhance learning and relevance for the job market.

Awards & Accreditations

The prestigious CEO Magazine Ranking has ranked Rome Business School's MBAs among the best in the world: our International MBA was classified as Tier One globally and our International Online MBA was ranked 18th in Europe and 33rd in the world. This recognition confirms Rome Business School is among the leading institutions on the national and international educational scene, including in MBA offerings, and reaffirms our consistent commitment to providing quality, accessible, and internationally recognized education.

Campus Life & Facilities

Overlooking the Tevere, the Rome Business School Campus is located in the prestigious Prati district. Four floors of classrooms, meeting rooms, a Library, a Creative Arena, and a splendid Garden where to gather to enjoy RBS's cross-cultural and international atmosphere.

Innovative technologies

We use innovative technologies in our classrooms to enrich the overall educational experience and improve student learning outcomes on campus and online. The platforms and technologies in use have a profound impact on student learning.

All classrooms are networked and feature SMART Board technology. Professional audio mixers and microphones in each class, are required for the interaction of students in the classroom simultaneously with students online. High-resolution webcam inside the classrooms connected to the platform and the big pad, so that online students see the teacher and their on-campus colleagues remotely.

Networking and partners

Rome Business School has strong partnerships with several world-renowned leading companies, such as Enel, Fendi, Bulgari, Eataly, IBM Italia, Land Rover, and many others. To ensure that our students can build a strong professional network, we constantly organize meetings, visits, events, and guest lectures with representatives of elite business ecosystems, encouraging interaction between leading professionals and students, and facilitating the process of learning.

Multicultural classes

Due to the purely international focus of the school, students will have the opportunity to be part of classes with students from more than 150 countries. This will allow participants to increase their knowledge of other cultures different from their own.

Student Hub

Every year we welcome students from all over the world: from cities and small towns, of all cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. Rome Business School enhances the students' experience, supporting them in obtaining visas and finding accommodation, creating opportunities for learning, involvement, and personal and cultural development that go well beyond lessons.


Our students will be able to participate in various activities: out-of-town visits, Coffee Meetings with the CEOs of prestigious multinational companies, company visits, or simple events designed to encourage socialization and intercultural exchange which has always been the central point of our school.

Program Admission Requirements

Demonstrate your commitment and readiness to succeed in business school by taking the GMAT exam – the most widely used exam for admissions that measures your critical thinking and reasoning skills.

Download the GMAT mini quiz to get a flavour of the questions you’ll find in the exam.


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