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Saskatoon Business College

Saskatoon Business College

Saskatoon Business College


In June 1907 Saskatoon Business College (SBC) was founded by Mr. E. A. Marshall. For many decades the college served as a major source of post-secondary business education for Saskatchewan students; its two primary subject areas were secretarial arts and accounting. Its linkage to a national association gave it continuity in curricula and evaluation; thus, SBC established the standard of quality in business education.

The Chapman family assumed ownership in 1951. In 1960 SBC moved physically from its Second Avenue home to Third Avenue across from City Hall where today it occupies 25,000 square feet in three interconnected buildings.

Today SBC remains true to its roots, striving for excellence and providing practical training to prepare tomorrow’s professional workforce. In addition to employing many talented and richly experienced instructors, the quality of its graduates has given SBC an excellent reputation.

In 1987 the college became a nationally accredited institution and remains the only private career college in the province to enjoy that status.


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    3rd Avenue North,221, S7K 2H7, Saskatoon


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