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The Hague Pathway College

The Hague Pathway College

The Hague Pathway College


Introducing The Hague Pathway College

Located right on The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS) campus, The Hague Pathway College offers academic pathways in partnership with THUAS, which lead to globally recognized undergraduate degrees.

Benefits of The Hague Pathway College:

  • Improve your English and Academic skills (most degree programs are taught in English)
  • Adjust to life in the Netherlands with personalized student support
  • Make friends with students from across the globe

THUAS Undergraduate Degree Programs:

The Hague Pathway College (THPC) programmes lead to the degree programs of THUAS.

  • International Foundation Year Management and Social Sciences lead to:

International Business

International Financial Management and Control

European Studies

International Communication Management

International Sport Management

  • International Foundation Year Technology and Design leads to:

Industrial Design Engineering

User Experience Design

Process and Food Technology

Your Pathway to The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS)


  • High School
  • Stage 1 International Foundation
  • Stage 2 First Year Degree
  • Stage 3 Second Year Degree
  • Stage 4 Final Year Degree

Why Study at the Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS)?

Let's change. You. Us. The world. That's our message at The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS).

We want to empower our students to change and improve the world they live in, but this can only happen if we work together - if we evolve and change. We constantly need to apply new perspectives and solutions to resolve present and future challenges. We'll find the answers more quickly if we're prepared to share and apply each other's insights, skills, and methods.

Higher Education in the Netherlands

The Dutch education system is one of the most innovative and forward thinking in the world. It's based on student-led learning, analytical debate and hands-on experience. Dutch higher education has an international reputation for its high quality, which is maintained through a stringent national quality assurance system.

Hands-on, Open Minded Education

Because we are a Dutch university of applied sciences, you'll experience a hands-on, open, minded and interactive learning environment. We employ a problem-solving approach, just like the real professional world, with exercises that nurture personal leadership skills, like games, debate and group work.

A True International Community

The Hague University of Applied Sciences is a mini-United Nations with 26,000 students from nearly 150 different countries on campus. Our global, innovative attitude is reflected throughout our curricula and in our four central themes: The Next Economy, Quality of Life: People and Technology, Good Governance for a Safe World and Connected Learning. We also work closely with over 300 exchange partners from more than 50 countries, from Brazil and China to Australia, the USA, and several European countries.

Code of Conduct

The Hague University of Applied Sciences is a signatory of the "Code of Conduct with respect to international students in Dutch higher education". Also, The Hague Pathway College guarantees the quality of our programs, recruitment, selection and counseling procedures along with the guidelines described in this policy.

Launch Your Global Career

Although a small country in size, The Netherlands has a big international presence. Some of the world's biggest multinationals, including Philips, Heineken, KLM, Shell, ING Bank, and Unilever, are Dutch. As the International City of Peace, Justice, and Security, The Hague is bursting with international legal institutions. The city boasts around 131 international institutes and 80 justice organizations and together with New York, Geneva and Vienna it is one of the United Nations cities.

The Dutch visa regulations provide graduates post-study work visa.


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