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The Institute Of World Politics (IWP)

The Institute Of World Politics (IWP)

The Institute Of World Politics (IWP)


Welcome to The Institute of World Politics (IWP), an independent graduate school founded to fill a major national need: to supply professional education in statecraft, national security, intelligence, and international affairs that no other school offers and that few people acquire except through an entire career of on-the-job experience.

Institute of World Politics is the only school whose curriculum covers all the arts of statecraft – the instruments of national power. The Institute offers a Doctoral Program, five M.A. degrees in its Master’s Degree Program, 18 Certificates of Graduate Study, and a Continuing Education Program.

Today, America and other nations dedicated to preserving decent civilization are facing grave threats to peace, security, freedom, human rights, and prosperity. Addressing these threats requires extraordinary leadership that is knowledgeable about international realities and skilled in navigating a dangerous global strategic environment.


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