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The National University of Santiago del Estero

The National University of Santiago del Estero

The National University of Santiago del Estero


Our University is located in the province of Santiago del Estero, Capital , which is the oldest city in the country, since it was founded in 1553, which is located in the northwest of the Argentine Republic. The UNSE, created in 1973, always sought to satisfy the demands of the community that gave rise to it. Thus, the careers that were emphasized are those that aim to solve the problems of the local social environment, oriented towards technology and social and health problems.

The emergence of the University, came to fill a felt need in the region, since it gave place to generations of young people who, otherwise, would not have had the possibility of accessing higher education, since before the existence of the University in Santiago, they had to travel to neighboring provinces to obtain a university degree. It should also be mentioned that the UNSE is a public, autonomous and free University.

The National University of Santiago del Estero is made up of Faculties, and also by Schools, Institutes and Departments. The four university estates, also called cloisters, are those that make up the University, and they are: Teachers, Non-Teachers, Graduates and Students, who are nucleated in their respective representative and union organizations.

The central headquarters of the University is located in the southern part of the city, more precisely in Avenida Belgrano Sud 1912. In it are the offices of the Rectorate, Vice-Rectorate, Deans of Faculties, administrative units, as well as classrooms and laboratories for teaching purposes and research. It also has a Central Library, the Auditorium, the FM radio station, and the Television Channel.

There are other UNSE buildings, which also belong to the different Faculties of the same and are located in rural and industrial areas, such as El Parque Industrial and El Zanjón, housing numerous laboratories where research and teaching tasks are carried out.


  • Santiago del Estero

    Avenida Belgrano Sur,1912, G4200, Santiago del Estero


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