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UIE | Universidad Intercontinental de la Empresa

UIE | Universidad Intercontinental de la Empresa

UIE | Universidad Intercontinental de la Empresa


It's not about what you are, but what you will become.

At UIE, we offer you the most innovative training specialized in business and technology, so that you can grow professionally with your eyes always on the future. We want to accompany you throughout your journey, helping you break barriers, and with a unique method in Europe.

Our objective: Your Future

At UIE, you are the most important and so is your future. That's why we have designed a unique methodology and training offer focused on innovation, business, and technology. Our objective is to help you become the professional of the future that you dream of being.

Transparency and commitment define us. A commitment to our students, to you. A commitment that you can study from anywhere, at your own pace, acquiring all the skills for your professional success and with real work experience.

Why study at UIE?

We are UIE, one of the first universities internationally specializing in business and training professionals of the future. Want to know more about our innovative method?

  • Progress at your own pace
    And in small, multidisciplinary, and multicultural groups.
  • Study from anywhere
    Study in Galicia. On-campus locations in A Coruña and Vigo.
  • Feel supported
    By your mentor or tutors, who will accompany you in your academic and professional development.
  • Specialize in your true passion
    And if after the first year, you decide to change your path, do it while maintaining 100% of the credits earned (with another degree in the same field) or 70% (in different fields).
  • Finish your studies with work experience
    Thanks to the internship program in public or private, national or international companies.
  • Learn from active professionals
    So that your education is connected to the demands of the current market.
  • Enjoy an innovative method
    With continuous evaluation, and without final exams, where your daily effort and real learning will be what matters.
  • Take advantage of our international agreements
    With prestigious universities, to have a more global perspective and the possibility of studying in other countries.

What does UIE mean?

UIE stands for the Intercontinental University of Business. Because that's what defines us: our internationality and our constant focus on training professionals of the future in business and entrepreneurship.

But at UIE, we are more, much more.

  • University of Galicia for the world.
  • Private university, but with a public service approach.
  • Ubiquitous university: you can access an innovative virtual campus, as a complement to our on-campus locations equipped with the latest technology.
  • We educate with a focus on people, on our students.
  • Focused on:
    • Business
    • Employment
    • Entrepreneurship
  • A nonprofit institution, promoted by ABANCA and its social work, Afundación.
  • Clear ideals: to enlighten the ingenuity of all our students, always from our commitment and total transparency.

Our method: innovative and unique in Europe

What sets UIE apart from any other university? Undoubtedly, what sets us apart is our innovative methodology, always centered on the student, and unique in Europe.

A method that will allow you to become the person you dream of being, acquiring practical and useful knowledge in the future job market.


  • A Coruña

    Ronda de Nelle, 31, 15007, A Coruña

  • Pontevedra

    Avda. de Vigo, 21, 36003, Pontevedra

  • Vigo

    Madrid Avenue, 60, 36204, Vigo

  • Santiago de Compostela

    Rúa Nova, 33, 15705, Santiago de Compostela