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UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang

UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang

UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang


The State Islamic University of Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang was established by the Presidential Decree No. 50 on June 21st 2004. Realizing the ideas of several East Java famous figures to establish Islamic higher educational institutions underThe Ministry of Religious Affairs, the Establishment committee of IAIN Surabaya Branch was found through the Ministry of Religious Affairs’ Decree No. 17 of 1961. This committee was assigned to establish the Faculty of Shariah in Surabaya and the Faculty of Tarbiyah in Malang. Both are faculty branches of IAIN Sunan Kalijaga which was inaugurated by the Minister of Religious Affairs on October 28 rd 1961. On October 1 st 1964 Faculty of Islamic Theology (Ushuluddin) was also established in Kediri through the Ministry of Religious Affairs’ Decree No. 66/1964.

In its development, the three branches of the faculty were merged and structurally administered under by the State Islamic Institute (IAIN) Sunan Ampel as established in the Ministry of Religious Affairs’ Decree No. 20 in 1965. Based on this decree, Faculty of Tarbiyah Malang became a branch faculty of IAIN Sunan Ampel. In next development, through Presidential Decree No. 11, 1997, the Faculty of Tarbiyah Malang IAIN Sunan Ampel changed its status into a State Islamic Institute of Malang (STAIN) as also experienced by other faculty branches of IAIN in Indonesia, 33 institutes in total. Therefore, since that time STAIN Malang had become an independent institute of Islamic higher education apart from IAIN Sunan Ampel.

In the strategic development plan, as stated in the Strategic Plan of Malang’s Ten Year Development Plan (1998 / 1999-2008 / 2009), in the second half time period of its development, State Islamic Institute of Malang transformed its institutional status from an institute into a university. Through earnest efforts, the proposal to increase its status into a university was approved by President as manifested in the Presidential Decree No. 50, dated June 21, 2004 and was inaugurated by the Minister, Prof. H. A. Malik Fajar, M.Sc on behalf of the President on October 8, 2004 by name of the State Islamic University (UIN) Malang with its main task was to conduct a program higher education in the Islamic religious sciences and general sciences. Thus, June 21 st 2004 is used as the birthday of this university. The university had once been named as Indonesia-Sudan Islamic University (UIIS) as the implementation of cooperation between the Indonesian and Sudan government and was inaugurated by the Vice President, Dr. H. Hamzah Haz on July 21 st 2002 which was also attended by high officials of the Sudanese government. In academic paradigm, the university develops knowledge not only from the scientific methods through logical reasoning such as observation, experimentation, surveys, interviews, and so on,but also from the Quran and Hadith, which is known as integration paradigm. Therefore, the position of Islamic studies subjects such as the Qur and the Hadith, and Fiqh are very central in the framework of the scientific knowledge integration.

Institutionally, the State Islamic University (UIN) Malang has six faculties on undergraduate program. They are : (1) Faculty of Education, running Department of Social Sciences Education, Department of Islamic Education, Department of Islamic Primary school Teacher Education, and Department of Arabic Language Education (2) Sharia Faculty, running Department of Islamic Family of Law and Department of Sharia Business Law, (3) Faculty of Humanities, running Department of Arabic Language and Letters and Department of English Language and Letters, (4) Faculty of Economics, running Department of Management, Accountancy, and Sharia Bank of Law, (5) Faculty of Psychology, running Department of Psychology, (6) Faculty of Science and Technology, running Department of Mathematics, Biology, Pharmacy, Physics, Chemistry, Informatics Engineering, and Architecture. The Master Study has six programs, they are: Master Program of Islamic Education Management, Master Program of Arabic Language Education, Master Program of Islamic Studies, Master Program of Islamic Primary School Teacher Education, Master Program of Islamic Education, and Master Program of Islamic Family of Law. On Doctorate Program, the university has two programs, they are Islamic Education Management and Arabic Language Education Doctorate Program.

The unique characteristic of this university, as the implications of the scientific development model, is the obligation of all academicians to master Arabic and English. Through the Arabic language, they are expected to be able to study Islam from original sources, namely the holy Quran and Hadith, and it is expected through their English mastery, the academic members may study the general knowledge and sciences, as well as uses it as a global communication tool. Hence, the university is called bilingual university. In order to achieve this target, the university developed the boarding school or “pesantren” in campus in which all first-year students must stay. Therefore, the university education is a combination between universitytradition and boarding school (pesantren) tradition. By implementing this education model, it is expected to produce graduates that are professional and intellectual scholars who are also profound in religiousstudies or intelligent and professional Islamic scholars who are profound in science studies. The main characteristic of the student is that the graduate does not only master the knowledge of their major, but also master the holy Quran and Hadith as a major source of Islamic teachings.

Located in Jalan Gajayana 50, Dinoyo Malang with 14 hectares campus area, this University modernizes itself physically since September 2005 with the rector’s building, faculty, administrative offices, lecture, laboratories, student affairs, training, sports, business center, polyclinic, mosques, and boarding school using the funding from the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) through the IDB Approval Letter No. 41 / IND / 1287 dated August 17, 2004. On January 27, 2009, the President of the Republic of Indonesia Dr. H. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono agreed to title the university with The State Islamic University of Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang. Given the name is fairly long, on the speech in the 4th anniversary, the Rector abbreviated the University’s name into Universitas Islam Negeri Maliki. With Magnificent and modern physical performance and through determination, passion, and strong commitment of all members of the academic and by pleading the blessing and guidance of Allah the Almighty, the University aims to be the center of excellence and the center of Islamic civilization as a step to implement the teachings of Islam as mercy to the world (al Islam rahmat li al- alamin).


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