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Uniminuto Master in Communication, Development and Social Change

Master in Communication, Development and Social Change

2 Years


Full time

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COP 5,904,000 / per year *


* Tuition cost year 2019


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  • Degree awarded: Master in Communication, Development and Social Change
  • Training level: Master
  • Methodology: On-site
  • Duration of the program: 2 YEARS
  • Credits: 52
  • Tuition cost year 2019 $ 5,904,000

* The General Administrative and Financial Council of Uniminuto sets the fees to be charged for tuition and subsidies for all academic programs, in accordance with the socio-economic contexts where the institution is present, therefore the tuition and subsidy values will present differences between venues and academic programs (Agreement 112 and 113 of 2018 and 114 of 2019).

  • Snies: 103005
  • Knowledge area: Social and Human Sciences
  • Academic Unit: Communication Sciences
  • Academic quality: Qualified record
  • Qualified Registry Number Resolution No. 121 of 03/01/2014 - Validity 7 years

Presentation of the program

SNIES 103005 / Qualified registry 121 from 03/01/2014 to 03/01/2021

The Master in Communication, Development and Social Change is a four-semester academic program whose purpose is to train researchers and professionals with the ability to perform in multiple academic, political, business and community scenarios, who undertake communication plans and programs aimed at integral development , human and social.

The Master's Degree generates processes of critical and purposeful training on the role of communication in the constitution of active citizens , human and social development, solidarity, cooperation and coexistence. Likewise, it forms communication managers with the capacity to design, execute and evaluate development projects that articulate communication as a central or transversal axis with an innovative and creative vision.

Academically, the Master's program promotes critical analysis of the dynamics and social realities of Colombia and Latin America from the field of communication, development and social change, to generate new knowledge and methodologies that contribute to the understanding and transformation of cultural contexts and sociopolitical.

Profile of the applicant

All applicants must possess:

  • Skills to listen and to dialogue, as well as to participate in the critical discussion about the world of life.
  • Openness to the need to communicate what has been learned and team work.
  • Have successfully completed and approved a professional university undergraduate from any area of ​​knowledge.
  • Have a genuine interest in learning and interacting with others in the field of communication, development and social change
  • Clear interest in promoting and implementing proposals and strategic management plans aimed at development and social transformation.

Graduate profile

The professional of the Master in Communication, Development and Social Change of Uniminuto will have the following competences:

  • Ability to participate in the construction of public policies in the field of social development in general, and communication and development in particular.
  • Ability to direct and coordinate high-level strategic communication projects in which the improvement of the quality of life of people is sought.
  • Ability to manage public, private and social entities focused on human, social, integral and sustainable development.

Entry documents

  • Fill out the registration form.
  • Attach a photocopy of the identity document (citizenship card, identity card, passport, corresponding visa, immigration card or the valid document that proves that it is in process).
  • Attach a photocopy of the Degree Certificate in the undergraduate program.
  • Attach labor certification or related experience, when the program for which you wish to register so requires.
  • Attach receipt of payment of registration fees.
  • The other requirements required by the Program to which you enter, which have been duly authorized.

Scholarships, subsidies and discounts

Uniminuto has established a series of agreements at the inter-institutional level, to achieve the continuity of the academic process of the students and for this, it has the support of the following entities:

  • Outsourcing Bussines Company SA (Colfondos)
  • SIGN
  • District Secretariat of Social Integration
  • ATLAS Group
  • Codema
  • Colsubsidium
  • SNR & Registration
  • Bancamía
  • Bogotá legal status
  • Acosta Restrepo Brothers Foundation
  • Solidarity Foundation for Colombia
  • Andean Center for Technical Studies LTDA.
  • Agrarian Bank of Colombia
  • Cooperativa Multiactiva Crucial DC
  • Sodimac Colombia SA

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