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Universidad Nacional De Salta / National  University Of Salta

Universidad Nacional De Salta / National University Of Salta

Universidad Nacional De Salta / National  University Of Salta


The National University of Salta is an institution of public law, autonomous and autarkic, whose aims are the promotion, dissemination, and preservation of culture. It fulfills this purpose in permanent contact with universal thought and pays particular attention to the problems of the region and the country.

The University contributes to the development of culture through humanistic studies, scientific and technological research, and artistic creation. Spread ideas and artistic achievements through teaching and the various means of communication of knowledge.

The University's mission is the generation and transmission of knowledge, science and its applications, and the arts. Its main purpose is education from an ethical perspective.

The University seeks the integral and harmonious formation of the members of the university community, teachers, students, graduates, and university support personnel, and instills in them the spirit of moral rectitude and ethical and civic responsibility. It trains researchers, teachers, and suitable professionals. It maintains permanent links with its graduates through a continuous training process aimed at updating and improving them, promoting teaching, research, and professional practice committed to the problems of the country and the region.

In its capacity as a state entity, it collaborates with the identification and solution of national and regional problems, in accordance with the specific norms that regulate its functions, presents its conclusions, provides technical advice and participates in common activities with state and private institutions through agreements. cooperation.

The University is devoid of ideological, political, and religious matters, understanding social, political, and ideological problems, studying them scientifically. It is alien to any sectoral interest or dogmatic conception. It promotes a critical attitude, ensuring within it the widest freedom of expression.

The University, in addition to its specific task as a study and research center, seeks to spread the benefits of its cultural and social action by interacting with the environment.


  • Salta Province

    Avenida Bolivia,5150, A4400, Salta Province