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Pilot university of Colombia

Pilot university of Colombia

Pilot university of Colombia


Around this same time 58 years ago, a group of enthusiastic and dedicated students from the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Bogotá dissatisfied with the educational processes and in disagreement with the academic training policies of the conventional Colombian university system, and in an act of Irresistible rebellion, they decided and proclaimed a student renewal movement, to create an Institution that would respond to the youth of a country in need of major changes in its structures.

These students were driven by the youthful enthusiasm and university nonconformity of the 60s, with a successful and futuristic vision, of absolute confidence in their own worth, and supported by an unshakable faith in the success that the passing of the years would bring them, They then proposed to found a University.

At the end of August 1962, the student body was grouped, coordinated by an organizing committee, they formed work teams and temporarily settled in the National Park theater.

This is how distinguished personalities saw with interest the overflowing spirit that could be seen in this group of students and with determination, they entered to support the initiative.


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