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Universidad Rey Juan Carlos Master's Degree in International Marketing Management
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

Master's Degree in International Marketing Management

1 Years


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* The price for non-resident non-EU students is only approximate since each academic rate is different.


The Master's Degree in International Marketing Management aims to prepare marketing directors with extensive experience in international management processes and market analysis. This program provides them with the ability to design, plan, manage and implement marketing strategies and business opportunities that create competitive advantages, using a strategic vision that aligns with the dynamics of global, dynamic and competitive environments. The focus on consumer satisfaction and profitability guarantees the success of your efforts, while encouraging the internationalization of companies.


The objective of this master's degree is to train marketing directors with knowledge and skills in international market analysis and management processes, management of new technologies and strategic vision, which allow them to plan and execute marketing strategies that generate competitive advantages and business opportunities. in accordance with the dynamics of global, dynamic and competitive environments, and that ensure consumer satisfaction and the profitability of the actions undertaken.

The program gives a prominent role to integrated marketing management in the company's strategy and as a source of creating competitive advantages in international markets, given the growing assumption of responsibilities by marketing directors as members of the team. the senior management who must make the essential strategic decisions.

The specific objectives pursued by the program include the following goals:

  • Develop a global perspective on business and marketing.
  • Develop analytical and strategic capacity in commercial, marketing and international business environments.
  • Train in processes of analysis and interpretation of the trends that guide the direction of international markets, to launch products that respond to global demand.
  • Identify marketing opportunities in the new international environment.
  • Understand the purchasing behavior of customers and consumers in international markets and translate this knowledge into value creation.
  • Appreciate the impact of cross-cultural issues on international transactions, international marketing decisions, and creating the knowledge base necessary for strategic marketing decisions.
  • Determine the international potential of companies and their products, by analyzing the international environment and business diagnosis.
  • Manage the methodologies applicable to the investigation of national and foreign markets.
  • Assess information needs, design appropriate research strategies, and collect powerful data to support strategic marketing decision making.
  • Obtain and convert business intelligence data into actionable insights.
  • Develop, analyze and use marketing metrics and analysis.
  • Apply tools for making marketing decisions leading to internationalization.
  • Evaluate alternative methods of market selection, market entry and marketing mix decisions in international markets.
  • Determine the target markets for the development of the company's internationalization strategies.
  • Formulate marketing strategies integrated into the corporate strategy.
  • Evaluate the organizational and financial implications of international marketing decisions and international strategic marketing.
  • Train entrepreneurial marketing professionals who can make strategic decisions

The international marketing management specialist will have the skills to, upon completion of the program, perform the following activities:

  • Marketing manager or director in organizations of all types with international projection or with operations abroad
  • Director of national and international marketing areas
  • Global Brand Director
  • Global Sales Director
  • Consultant for research and market intelligence processes, and for the design of strategies and policies related to the projection of companies towards international markets
  • Generator of innovative internationalization processes and internationalization projects with a comprehensive strategic approach
  • Advisor for international markets that require adequate guidance to achieve business objectives
  • International Marketing Analyst



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