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Université Savoie Mont Blanc Master in Energy & Solar Buildings
Université Savoie Mont Blanc

Master in Energy & Solar Buildings

Le Bourget-du-Lac, France

2 Years


Full time

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Sep 2024

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* Inscription Fees : 471 € per year (including social coverage = 215 €)


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  • Train scientists capable of solving complex problems relating to the management, design, and optimization of multiple-input technological systems.
  • Develop the expertise and skills needed to carry out research into energy management, environmental protection, the use of innovative materials and the production of innovative structures as part of a global policy of sustainable development.

Skills and expertise

  • Design and implement complex technological systems that are self-regulating (or autonomous) and that protect the environment through improved energy efficiency and the use of specific methods, processes, and materials.
  • Expertise in associated tools (modeling, simulation, measurement, information management).


Multi-disciplinary Master's degree Course

The course program is closely linked to the research carried out by Polytech’s three research laboratories: Intelligent Systems (LISTIC), Energy and Sustainable Buildings (LOCIE), and Mechatronics (SYMME).

Year 1

Fall Semester

  • UE1–Mathematics: Numerical methods, Data analysis, and reliability of numerical models
  • UE2-Building Science and Technology: Heat transfer in buildings, HVAC, Combustion
  • UE3-Experimentation (buildings and systems): Bibliographic research: Experimental characterization (full-scale platforms of INES), Thematic bibliographic work (Self-study)

Spring Semester

  • UE1–Energy: Power engineering (thermodynamics and advanced heat transfers), Fluid engineering applied to energy (hydraulic, wind turbines, and marine)
  • UE2–Systems: Control for building applications, Innovative energy systems (Fuel cell, CHP)
  • UE3–Project: Group research project

Year 2

Fall Semester

  • UE1-Solar Energy, Storage, and Networks: Solar thermal, Solar photovoltaic, Energy storage and networks (district heating, smart grids)
  • UE2-Smart systems and experimental methods: Representation and optimization tools (genetic algorithms, neural networks, etc), Measurements (flow, temperature, pressure, etc.) and experimental methods (database, etc.)
  • UE3-Modeling, optimization, and control: Advanced building modeling (heat and mass transfer), Numerical tools (CFD, systems, optimization)

Spring Semester

  • UE1 - Integration in a research laboratory: Research project



  • Apply to do a Master’s in REIS.
  • Submission of application forms and notification of admissions results. You can download the instructions.
  • Deadline for submitting applications: Please contact us.

Our business and research partners include

Energy and Solar Buildings: TENERRDIS business cluster, Clipsol, Tecnisun, Photowatt, Tenesol, Imeris, Asder, Greth, Hespul, etc.

Mechatronics: Arve Industries business cluster in Haute Savoie, Alcatel, Somfy, Snr, Mécalac, Anthogyr, Bosch, etc.

Information processing: Alcatel, FranceTélécom, Schneider Electric, Total, etc.

Cost & Fees

Inscription Fees: 471 € per year (including social coverage = 215 €)


Application Deadlines:

  • Monday 9th May 2016 (Non-EU students)
  • Friday 24th June 2016 (EU students)

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