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University Of Guanajuato

University Of Guanajuato

University Of Guanajuato


The University of Guanajuato's constitutional law, in Articles 3 & 4, expresses the Institute's nature and mission marking it as an autonomous public organism so it has the faculty and responsibility to govern itself. The purposes are to educate, research, and spread the culture; determine the plans & programs as well as to set the admission terms, promotion, and personnel permanency, and manage their assets.

Mission states that:

In the University, in a free idea exchange environment, the truth search and integral formation of people will be sought to construct a free, fair, democratic, equitable, with human and social conscience society. Therein shall govern the principles of academic freedom, free research, and social commitment, and the critic, plural, and participative spirit shall prevail.

As the same as in society, it is immersed, the University is in constant metamorphosis. Wherein the person's integral formation and permanent truth search constitute the ideals by which it toils and towards those that will organize and orient their resources.

Established values derived from our mission:

  • Truth

  • Freedom

  • Respect

  • Responsibility

  • Justice


  • Guanajuato

    Calle Pedro Lascurain de Retana,#5, 36000, Guanajuato


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