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The UNCFoundation is dedicated to the advancement of Socially Beneficial Research, Education, and Advocacy through the implementation of hard and soft technologies. Both hard and soft technologies are a socio-cultural phenomenon used to solve societal problems and produce beneficial outcomes for humanity.

Hard Technologies focuses on the skills, tools, and innovations that are employed by people to alter, accommodate, and influence nature in support of human health, social harmony, and global ecology.

Soft Technologies are concerned with human and social factors that facilitate human flexibility, encourage human initiatives, and emphasize human needs through research and education.

The UNC Foundation supports soft technologies dedicated to providing a collaborative hub for innovative research and advocacy in the realms of lifestyle, health, and resilience for individuals and communities.

Enhancement of Community and Individual Resilience, which operates as a joint collaboration with LifeWiseU and LiveLifeResources. The programs promote research and advocacy for the empowerment of people and communities in becoming more resilient through integrative approaches to food, nutrition, and lifestyle wellness.


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