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University of Playa Ancha

University of Playa Ancha

University of Playa Ancha


The General Directorate of Student Development is the unit in charge of planning, organizing, directing, and controlling university policies aimed at the well-being of students, through a variety of programs associated with grants and scholarships, Medical and Dental Service, as well as activities training, recreational, cultural and sports that facilitate good academic performance and improve the quality of life of students within the University.

The DGDE is headed by the Director-General Gregorio Silva Díaz and has offices in Playa Ancha, in the Independencia building (located in the central sector of the city), and in San Felipe (on this campus its director is Karina Gómez Zuloaga).

Likewise, the unit is made up of Student Welfare, the Sports and Recreation Directorate, and the Medical and Dental Service, a service that serves students with health problems in polyclinics located on the Valparaíso and San Felipe campuses, and in the Independencia building.


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