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University of Warsaw

University of Warsaw

University of Warsaw


With more than 200 years of history, the University of Warsaw is the second oldest university in Poland and, at the same time, the largest one. The University of Warsaw recognizes as still valid its mission as a public utility institution formulated by its founders in 1816: The University should not only maintain in the nation both learning and skills at the level they have already attained in the scholarly world, but also further devel and propagate them as well as apply their theory for the public good.

The quality of education at UW is confirmed by the annual appraisals, which show that most students are satisfied with their university selection and education program. The University’s strongest points are its prestige, development opportunities, the study environment. The quality of education is also confirmed by research conducted with the University’s graduates. Results demonstrate that having a UW diploma is a definite asset in the job market; 94% of respondents have found employment after graduation.


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