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Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Vrije Universiteit Brussel


Ranked as one of Europe's top universities, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB)combines award-winning research and a range of study programs with a supportive open-door policy Brussels, one of the most interesting cities in Europe. Almost 200 years of experience and history await you at its green, urban campuses.

A young university with a well-established tradition

The single word ‘vrije’ in ‘Vrije Universiteit Brussel’ means ‘free’ and really tells you everything you need to know about the ambition of our university: the promotion of research and thought without dogmas and prejudices. Because studying at VUB, in an open atmosphere of tolerance and diversity, means growing into an independent and critically- thinking individual who can cope with our fast-changing world.

A university in the heart of Europe

VUB offers students more than just a great educational experience. Brussels the heart of Europe and the capital of Belgium, is an open invitation to exploring a truly international city. Brussels is the centre of international politics and business. Major political EU institutions are based in Brussels, offering a wide range of career opportunities.

Flexibility - Choice - Guidance

In VUB's eight faculties, students can choose to study and explore beyond their own discipline. VUB offers a full range of Bachelor and Master courses, many of which are taught in English. The key concept in this range of courses is flexibility. The system of majors and minors enables students to plan their studies to meet their interests best. Some of the courses are designed as evening classes, therefore catering to students and professionals alike.

Being a middle-sized university has its advantages. First of all, it allows frequent personal contact between students, teachers, and teaching assistants. Students are given the opportunity to ask their questions directly to their professors both in- and outside class. This is part of a real direct-contact culture that is well embedded within the university. Additionally, students are strongly encouraged to interact with each other through group assignments within the curriculum and various extracurricular activities. VUB alumni are, therefore, excellent critical thinkers and articulate persons able to network and function remarkably well in society.

All degree programs offered by the VUB are accredited by the Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organisation (NVAO), ensuring that they meet predefined quality standards.

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Internationalization strategy

Internationalization is one of the top priorities in the strategic plan of VUB. VUB attracts well-prepared, motivated international students and professors by offering an attractive international and English-taught education portfolio.

VUB makes every effort to create strong partnerships with academic institutes, both regional and worldwide organizations, industry, policymakers, and governments.

Campus Features

Everything you need is at your fingertips and available on-site, near Brussels' bustling city center: extensive libraries, modern computer labs, state-of-the-art sports facilities, exciting restaurants, interesting cultural activities, language courses.

Brussels Health Campus

Our medical campus is located in Jette, next to the University Hospital and surrounded by natural reserves (Laarbeekbos, Poelbos and Moeras van Jette-Ganshoren).

The campus houses the faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy and parts of the faculty of Physical Education and Physiotherapy. There are several facilities for living and studying on campus: students dorms, sporting infrastructure, restaurant, library, study guidance...

Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering Campus

The Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering Campus is located in Elsene, on the border with Etterbeek and Oudergem and next to sister university ULB.

This green campus is home to the faculties of Languages and Humanities, Social Sciences & Solvay Business School, Law & Criminology, Physical Education and Physiotherapy, Psychology & Educational Sciences, Science and Bio-engineering Sciences, and Engineering.

In addition, the rectorate, social services, restaurant, student housing, socio-cultural and sports infrastructure are located here.

Brussels Photonics Campus

​The Photonics Campus ​houses high-tech platforms​ for ​micro-optical design in clean room conditions​ up, next ​to a fully equipped technology hall​ for advanced polymer prototyping.

Brussels City Campus

Brussels is a dream lab for (future) scientists and the ideal place to learn for students. Via the initiative that we have developed in recent years, we connect you with the capital. Conversely, we’re strengthening the Brussels community through organising teaching with, in and for Brussels with our diverse partners. Connection, collaboration and co-creation are central to this. VUB is also positioning itself as an urban university that takes its commitment to and responsibility for Brussels seriously.


    General application deadlines

    • Before 1 April: for non-EEA citizens (this includes UK students).
    • Before 1 September: for EEA citizens / non-EEA citizens living in Belgium with a valid residence permit.

    Please note that your application should contain most of the required documents by the relevant deadlines above. The only documents you may submit at a later date are your diploma (if you are a last-year student, your proof of English proficiency and your APS certificate (if applicable).

    Application Fee

    Please note you should pay a €50 application fee if you have a non-Belgian diploma. We will send you an email with payment instructions for a bank transfer after applying if you should pay this fee. The application fee is non-refundable but will be deducted from your tuition fees if you are accepted and enroll.

    When asked to pay an application fee, please note we cannot process your application until the payment has been deposited into our account.

    Language requirements

    Prospective students can provide proof of sufficient knowledge of English as the language of instruction by meeting one of the following criteria:

    1. having a diploma of secondary or higher education where English was the language of instruction;
    2. having successfully completed one of the following language proficiency tests corresponding to the Common European Framework of Reference with minimum level B2:
    3. · TOEFL iBT (or special home edition) with min. level: 79;
    4. · IELTS (or IELTS Indicator) with min. overall level: 6.5;
    5. · ITACE with min. level: B2;
    6. · Cambridge English Qualification Scale with min. level: 170;

    Certificates and other proof of language tests may not pre-date the first enrolment by more than five years.

    Academic requirements and required documents

    Please find all details on our ‘How to apply’ page

    Visa Requirements

    Visa requirements are mainly determined by 3 factors:

    • How long the person will be staying in Belgium (more or less than 90 days)
    • The applicant’s nationality, EEA or non-EEA
    • The purpose of the stay (studying, working, family reunion, etc.)

    Depending on the applicant’s profile, some formalities may have to be performed in the country of origin (visa) and a number of administrative steps will have to be taken once in Belgium (ID card).

    Brussels consists of 19 different communes which all have their own Mayor, city council, and local administration offices. Depending on where people will be living, procedures and required documents will vary. Bringing along copies of all documents submitted for the visa procedure is recommended.

    Scholarships and Funding

    Erasmus Mundus Scholarships 4CITIES
    Master Mind
    Erasmus+ KA1 - incoming
    China Scholarship Council
    ICP Master
    VUB Scholarships for Master of Science in Photonics Engineering

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