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Wroclaw University of Science and Technology MSc In Business Intelligence
Wroclaw University of Science and Technology

MSc In Business Intelligence

Wrocław, Poland

3 Semesters


Full time

15 Nov 2024

Feb 2025

EUR 2,000 / per semester *


* Application fee 20 EUR.


Businesses today collect an incredible amount of data, from market transactions, customer service interactions, social media reviews, search engine entries, demographics, and many more. Businesses also experience rapid and continuous development of technologies and organisational behaviour that require high skills in ICT and data analytics. The Master of Business Intelligence (BI) programme is designed to provide students with cutting-edge managerial knowledge and a strong foundation in both analytics – including computational statistics and machine learning – and core business areas, building a solid platform for a successful career. The BI curriculum focuses on how to analyse data in order to identify and predict patterns and on how to visualise and present results to support managerial decisions and lead to innovative thinking in today’s organisations. The Master of Business Intelligence programme is tailored for current Bachelor of Engineering students and recent graduates who plan to pursue a career in business analytics and management information systems, as well as computer programmers, mathematicians, physicists, and engineers seeking career advancement or change. We not only welcome students from different backgrounds and cultures but also see them as critical for developing innovative ideas. Set up and run by a team of top-ranking scientists, award-winning early-stage researchers, and successful professionals, the BI curriculum answers the market demand for tech-savvy graduates who can apply advanced computational tools to solve business challenges.


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