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42 MA Programs in Humanities Studies Archival Science 2024



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MA Programs in Humanities Studies Archival Science

A master’s degree provides students with detailed study of a given field of interest. This advanced-level degree, which can take anywhere from one to four years to complete, tends to yield greater career opportunities and job prospects for graduates.

What is an MA in Archival Science? This master’s program provides specialized study in archival processes and theory, which includes research, appraisal and records management. To this end, most courses of study cover the art of storing, preserving and cataloging recorded materials. Digital databases, digitization and electronic records management are also often addressed. In addition, most programs have students choose a focus area for further research for pointed expertise. Finally, the curriculum may require students to write and defend a thesis before graduation.

Graduates with an MA in Archival Science tend to be highly organized individuals that exhibit great attention to detail. This type of advanced-level degree channels these attributes and further refines them for practical application in the field.

The costs of earning an MA in Archival Science vary depending on the school and its location. It is important to contact the school of your choice directly in order to better ascertain exact program costs.

Those who earn an MA in Archival Science go on to rewarding careers as archivists, digital asset and records managers and privacy and access specialists. Typical industries and organizations that hire graduates with this degree include large and small museums, insurance companies and numerous manufacturing companies. Recent job-growth statistics have shown that graduates with this type of degree will experience exponential marketability in the near future.

There are numerous opportunities to earn an MA in Archival Science both in the United States and around the world. Many schools also offer online programs, which is a good option for working professionals or for those who live in remote areas. To get started, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.