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8 Master Programs in Natural Sciences Chemistry Environmental Toxicology 2024



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Master Programs in Natural Sciences Chemistry Environmental Toxicology

A masters degree in Toxicology is a postgraduate degree program that aims at providing advanced understanding of how toxic substances affect life at molecular, cellular and organism stage. This Master’s program is multidisciplinary and includes different subjects that relates to one another.

By doing a masters degree in toxicology, students will have advanced knowledge in identifying and synthesising chemical substances for the development of new products, which are increasing exponentially. The Society emphasizes on the higher-level requirements that chemical substances and products should be safe for both health and the environment. Consequently, this increases the need for qualified toxicologists in both private and public sectors. Therefore, it is upon you as a student to choose courses within the master’s program that will create a personal profile for your expertise and career development. These include cellular and genetic. It also includes the biochemical toxicology, and biochemistry.

A masters degree in toxicology opens up career opportunities in both private and public Industry, as modern society requires advanced knowledge in toxicology. Specifically, the requirement is large for research and development within biotechnology, pharmacology, and the pharmaceuticals industries. As a Toxicologist, you have an important function in the above fields. This will extend in the future into food industry, control of foodstuffs, and nutritional sciences. Another important career field for Toxicology students is radiation biology, which involves nuclear energy and new technologies like mobile telephony. The masters program is also suitable for those who would like to work in the research department.