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4 Master Programs in Law Studies Economic Law Studies Law and Finance 2024



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Master Programs in Law Studies Economic Law Studies Law and Finance

Students who seek a master’s degree in law and finance may be current or aspiring legal professionals who wish to expand their knowledge of the interrelationship between legal and financial methodologies as it relates to commercial, corporate and international finance.

What is a Master in Law and Finance? It is an advanced degree designed to broaden a student’s understanding of modern accounting, international business transactions, emerging markets and other financial maneuverings through a legal lens. Students undertake a course of study that could include corporate law, banking structures and regulations, bankruptcy and creditors’ rights, government regulation of insurance, hedge funds, commercial lending and an introduction to project finance. Today’s programs also cover the implications of financial crisis across the globe.

There are myriad benefits to achieving a degree in law and finance. The ability to comprehend financial transactions in relation to regulations and the law is invaluable to governments and corporations alike. A degree lays the groundwork for opportunities in securities, consulting, regulation and key participation in global non-governmental organizations.

The cost of a master’s degree may vary from program to program. The most accurate information regarding tuition and fees may be acquired from the admissions office of the school of your choice.

Careers that require a deep comprehension of the legal ramifications of economic activity run the gamut from sales to policy-making. Today there may be a greater focus than ever on monitoring and analyzing economic activity from a legal perspective. Opportunities for degree-holders include positions in private equity, commodities sales, real estate finance, banking, project finance or in-house counsel to a financial corporation. A career path in government may lead to a regulatory or supervisory position in the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank or Internal Revenue Service, or internationally at the World Bank.

Invest in your future with a master’s degree in law and finance. There are programs available all over the world, both on-campus and online for greater flexibility. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.