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Master Programs in Technology Studies

Does developing and working with new products, processes, and ideas interest you? Do you enjoy being up-to-date and modern? Then a Master in Technology Studies is a wise choice and can lead to some exciting and rewarding career opportunities.

With a Master in Technology Studies, you will gain the knowledge to create and manage innovations, as well as depth in the analytical functions of Management. Technology is a great opportunity for scientists and engineers and gives a practical foundation to many of the applied sciences. With a Master in Technology Studies, you will become a part of the high-technology domain, and will be qualified to work on all levels of administration.

On this page are a variety of links from countries all over the globe, offering Master in Technology Studies programs to suit your needs. There are specialization areas such as Entrepreneurship, Management, and even Creativity and Enterprise. So kick-start your career today by applying for a Masters in Technology Studies!