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7 Master Programs in Humanities Studies History World History 2024



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Master Programs in Humanities Studies History World History

To pursue a master's degree, one must already have an undergraduate degree. A master’s program is a way for students to further their knowledge on a chosen area of study and to expand their career prospects.

What is a Master in World History? A master’s in this field of study usually takes two years to complete and consists of an education in postcolonial history, politics, global social history and/or cultural history. An individual who pursues a degree in this field may gain a deeper understanding of religion, people, ideas and objects, as well as explore how each of these concepts interact with one another. Courses may place a strong emphasis on the role of power, religion, emotions and social relations in each culture.

A graduate with a degree in world history may develop many valuable skills and traits, including the ability to make informed conclusions based on a deep understanding of a researched subject. Students of this field tend to be more critical of information given to them, yet more compassionate and understanding of others. Each of these traits can serve individuals well in all aspects of their life.

The cost of a master’s degree varies considerably and hinges upon a number of factors. Where students live, whether they take their courses online or in the classroom and how long is the duration of a program may affect the final price.

Graduates of this field tend to find they do well by setting up their own research as a PhD student. However, those who do not wish to continue to go to school may also find success at research institutes as researchers, academic institutions as teachers and professors, museums as heritage experts and government agencies as diplomats. Individuals may also qualify for careers in journalism, writing and marketing.

Many universities have a master’s program in global history, with a number offering online courses for ease and convenience. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.