Choosing the right education provider is perhaps the most important decision you will ever make. AIT’s hands-on practical approach will give you in-depth experience and a broad range of tools to ensure your success in the creative and digital industries.

AIT offers Bachelor Degrees and Diploma Courses where you can specialise in Film Making, Games Design, Animation, Digital Design, Apps & Software Development and Business. Our courses are heavily focused on ensuring you are 'job ready' by giving you hands-on and personalised learning, internship opportunities, portfolio development and industry connections.

Our holistic approach to your education means that we don’t simply produce designers or animators with one skill, we help you become professionals with a broad range of talents who can adapt and grow to ever-changing industry demands. Here is why AIT is the best choice for creative people.

We Understand The Industry
We are quick to capture and adapt to ever-evolving trends to ensure that our students have a competitive advantage with the latest knowledge and practical skills that are desired in the industry.

Personalised Experience
Our campus is intimate, so we know you by name and can offer great personalised support. Our small class sizes mean you will learn in a relaxed and close-knit atmosphere where more individual attention is given to your educational experience. AIT is a great place to receive guidance about your career pathway as our teachers have your success as their number one priority.

Quality Courses
AIT has an outstanding reputation for offering quality courses. AIT is recognised by the Australian Computer Society and is the first tertiary provider in Australia to offer a Bachelor of IT (Mobile Applications Development). AIT’s courses allow you to continue your studies into graduate or post-graduate courses at Australia’s leading universities.

State-Of-The-Art Campus
We have a vibrant learning environment both inside and outside the campus that is centred around creativity and open space. We have a friendly and multicultural environment that makes our students feel at home on campus and gives them the freedom to develop their creative skills.

Latest Equipment and Software
You can master the art of interactive digital media with our wide range of professional multimedia equipment and software such as Australia’s first Markerless Motion Capture system, Unreal Development Kit (UDK), the powerful Autodesk Motion Builder, Autodesk Mudbox and the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite.

Gain Practical Business Experience
You will learn essential project management methods, marketing skills and business frameworks to ensure you know how to prepare and present your portfolio of works to the market. AIT aims for all students to be job ready’ through professional development workshops and industry networking opportunities.

A Broad Range of Skills
AIT’s students study a broad range of subjects and methods within the digital media sphere. This means you will develop significant digital skills that can be transferred across multiple fields within the creative industries. AIT is one of the only organisations in Australia to teach with a markerless motion capture system meaning you will also graduate with unique and industry relevant experience.

Fast Track Your Education
Our flexible course structure, regular start dates and year-round classes mean you can fast track your education and complete a Bachelor Degree in only 2 years.

Domestic students have access to FEE-HELP & VET FEE-HELP approved courses so that you do not need to incur an upfront tuition fee and can study with financial peace of mind.

Pathways to University
AIT’s courses provide pathways to the University of Sydney, the University of Wollongong, Macquarie University, the University of Central Queensland and the University of Technology Sydney.

Programs taught in:

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